Getting Stronger and Healthier for my Son


Guess who thought she was squatting 50 lbs…but was really…

squatting 85 lbs?


I was adding wrong and was squatting more than I thought. I was so thrilled to know I was stronger than I thought.

I’ve started dead lifting 40 lbs…but plan on stepping that up. My personal trainer showed me how to add weights to the barbell and use a clip to keep them from slipping off.

The best part about getting stronger, is not only feeling better and looking better, but feeling powerful.

Last week I showed you how I squat with Dino on my back and walk around with him. Now I can walk around with him on my shoulders…I feel so powerful.

This weekend, I am going with my friend to buy new bras, since my old ones obviously are swimming on me. It’s going to be such a great feeling seeing more results of strength training.

Instead of the numbers on the scale, how do you know you are getting fit?



not too many big changes…but the personal trainer will help with that. 

Weight: Inches:

Thighs: 5.5 6.5 7.0 7.5  inches LOST 

Waist: 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 inches LOST

Arms: 2.0 2.5 3.0 inches LOST

Bust: 2  2.5 inches LOST

Dress Size: 1x 18 16 


1. 10 15 knee push ups 5 regular push ups with Dino on my back

2. 10 15 regular push ups WITH EASE

3. 10 15 regular tricep push ups

4. 10 correct burpees with ease

5. climb 70 flights of stairs on the stair master

6. squat 50 lbs 60 90 lbs 

7. dead lift 40 50 lbs  

8. do 5 pull ups


I found this site and just LOVE it…When I have the money I am so going to join. You pay once and you’re a lifetime member.

Staci and Bronwyn are my motivation…LOVE their stories and I know this is what I want. They have tons of useful info and resources


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  1. When i get frustrated with the scale, i usually dont get too upset because I use other measures. I know that the numbers can be deceiving so I use my clothes. Are my clothes still fitting comfortably. I usually by one item that fits snug and use that as my next goal marker. I watch the scale to fend of any continuous weight gain. I feel good, fit and strong. Keep it going Karen! You look great!

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