Our Healthy Meal Plan

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  • DID NOT PLAN AT ALL…between Anthony’s karate test and Balboa getting sick and needing to see a neurologist I just figured out each day as we go.


thurs karate collage

Dino was so proud to earn his yellow belt. Since this test was at 5:30, we ate pizza in the parking lot of the karate dojo. Dino loves his karate classes. Hopefully he will continue to be successful and learn more than just karate, he will learn how to be respectful and gentle.

fri balboa collage

We spent from 10 am to 6:30 pm in the vet office just to see a neurologist. It was worth the time (and money) though. Balboa does not have a brain tumor, he does have increased white blood cells, but not enough to be alarmed. Right now he is to continue his meds unless his seizures gets worse…then onto to steroids instead.

Thanks Mom and Dad for staying with me…

sat burgers


sun mon collage


tues dnner collAGE


wed collagewed flowers collage


Dino loves watering my herbs, tomatoes, and lettuce. Even better he loves helping with the compost bin and looks forward to dumping leftovers in the bin and shaking it up.


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  1. Glad to know Balboa is doing okay. Hopefully you will figure out the cause of the white blood cell count, too. I am quite interested in your compost bin, too. Have you already posted about that?

    • finally responding to comments…It’s been so crazy, I never really posted about the bin.
      I bought a rubbermaid at the hardware store and hammered holes around all the sides and made sure the lid fit snuggly.
      I WILL post about it soon babe, promise..this way I can show the slow results and the growing plants.

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