Getting Stronger and Healthier for my Son


I am now squatting 95 pounds! That’s right, 95 pounds.

I can wide squat 85 pounds.

And closed leg squat 65 pounds 

I can do 30 burpees with ease!

Why lower weight with closed-leg squats???? I started that weighted squat later than the regular squat and you have to squat down pretty low…which really works your butt.

I haven’t measured insured in a while, but I’ll wait till the end of the summer for bigger/better results.

My personal trainer, who I love, said I am getting stronger, have more endurance, and of course cracks up with me while I work out.


Weight: Inches:

Thighs: 5.5 6.5 7.0 7.5  inches LOST 

Waist: 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 inches LOST

Arms: 2.0 2.5 3.0 inches LOST

Bust: 2  2.5 inches LOST

Dress Size: 1x 18 16 

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1. 10 15 knee push ups 5 regular push ups with Dino on my back

2. 10 15 20 regular push ups WITH EASE

3. 10 15 regular tricep push ups

4. 10 30 40 correct burpees with ease

5. climb 70 flights of stairs on the stair master

6. regular squat 50 lbs 60 85 95 105 lbs 

    wide leg squat 85 95 lbs

    closed leg squat 65 75 lbs

7. dead lift 40 50 lbs  

8. do 5 pull ups


I found this site and just LOVE it…When I have the money I am so going to join. You pay once and you’re a lifetime member.

Staci and Bronwyn are my motivation…LOVE their stories and I know this is what I want. They have tons of useful info and resources


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