Boy, Was I Wrong


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When I was a kid, I really believed that…

I could do whatever I wanted. 

I knew it all, didn’t we all as kids? I gave my parents hell as I told them numerous times all the things I was going to do as an adult. I was going to…

  • eat what I wanted
  • dress how I wanted
  • work where I wanted
  • stay up as late as I wanted
  • make my own rules
  • stay out as late as I wanted
  • drive where I wanted

Then reality hit

I was not in charge, I had TONS of responsibilities.

  • going to college to earn degrees
  • applying for jobs
  • going on interviews
  • working all day
  • planning lessons all night
  • going to bed early
  • waking up early
  • cleaning my house
  • cooking food

Sure I had money…but that money needs to go for rent/mortgage, food, bills, clothes, and gas. Yup…I could do what I wanted…but I would not like the results.

Then as a parent I had to do all this and care for another human being…OH BOY!  This little human thinks he’s the one in charge and slowly I’m turning into my parents. One day he’ll tell me he’s going to do all these cool things when he’s an adult and I just may laugh in his…then call my parents and apologize for putting them through that.


I also believed I would NEVER get any tattoos…well after our furbaby passed I knew I needed a tattoo to keep him with me forever. I got the tatto on the side of my calf, right about Balboa’s height. Please ignore the hair, you can’t shave a new tattoo for about two weeks. 

tattooo better

So at the age of 38 I got my first tattoo! Now of course I have to get one on my arm for Dino. I’m thinking his name with a cute dinosaur under it. Perhaps closer to Christmas break, so I have those two weeks to heal at home.

What did you think when you were a kid?
Do you still believe the same things? Or has age/time changed your mind?


What is one thing you would never compromise?


Boy, Was I Wrong — 14 Comments

  1. I think we all have those beliefs. And yes, reality is a b****, isn’t it? Though things were definitely easier before having kids. Do you ever thing that you’re realizing more and more how right your parents were?

  2. Yes, I remember thinking that grown-ups could do what they wanted. Which is odd, because many, many times it was obvious they didn’t get to do whatever they wanted. I suppose I those thoughts when I was annoyed about something and really didn’t want to notice the reality.

  3. Oh I believed all of the same things and had similar revelations once my responsibilities set in. But one thing I never thought I would do is repeat the same drone momisms that my mother did. But I do! That’s frightening.

  4. As a kid, I believed I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard enough. No just meant I needed to put forth more effort. I used to go to my dad with presentations of why my curfew should be extended, or why I deserve more money. If my curfew was not extended, no biggie. I’d come home on time. Wait for the parents to fall asleep, and then sneak back out. That didn’t end well. When I got home racing sunrise, I was creeping up my driveway, barefoot so as not to make a noise, and my dad jumped out of the bushes. He had been sitting there for 4 hours waiting on me to get home. But it still didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted LOL. Now the karma is coming back to me. My oldest is just like that, except worse.

  5. I love your tattoo!! I have two of them – one on each ankle. And I so completely remember thinking that when I grew up, I’d be able to do whatever I wanted! I was wrong too. I can’t wait to see the tattoo of Dino on your arm!

  6. Aw, my friend got a similar tattoo when her Buddy passed. Great post – has me thinking about how I reach out to my mom to make sure she’s eating well, sleeping well and happy. The roles have changed. Again.

  7. Aah! those roles change with age huh!

    Childhood sure brings back memories and i so love your tattoo.
    I got one on my leg of a fairy and even though it was temporary…i treasure it 😉

  8. That’s a good question. I was thinking the other day that I believed I would never stop playing with toys. Now I’d throw away every toy in the house if I could! I guess my toys are just different now (laptop).

  9. Reality does have a way of catching up as we grow up! I had a list of things that I wanted to do when I was a kid. Fortunately, I’ve been able to change that list as I grow to include things that I never thought about as a child, but are more fulfilling as an adult. Maybe I should add tatoos to that list! 😉

  10. Ooh, once you cross over into the world of tattoos, it’s hard to stop! 😀 Can’t wait to see your Dino one! And it’s SO humbling how much we thought we knew, and how we eat our words now that WE are the parents. Oy.

  11. I dunno – I take the ‘I can stay up til whenever I want to’ one pretty seriously. I’m cashing in, forsure 🙂

    But yeah – reality is very very different than I expected. People should tell kids not to have expectations.

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