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I read 51 books for the summer reading program. I got a bag and a money to buy a toy from the toy store. Mommy said I should read to learn and have fun not to get prizes.

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This review was written weeks ago…but with so much going on I haven’t posed a Dino reads in a while. 

Amazon Summary:


Legend has it there exists a book that eats people.

This is that book!

Many readers have been unable to escape its perilous pages.
But this isn’t that book.

Yes it is!

This is simply a story about that book.
Really. I mean, how could a book eat people?
So if you’re just dying to know the history of this literary monster, all you have to do is turn the page…

Don’t do it!

Dino Review: The book eats people, it eats grownups and kids, it eats everybody. It’s a mean book and is always hungry. I can read it on my own, but not when I eat.

Mommy Review: Dino first heard about this in daycare and I was shocked that it wasn’t a happy ending story. But then, the creativity and plot was interesting. Dino loved to read it over and over, but now with starting kindergarten and losing our dog Balboa…he’s scared of the book and wants it out of site.

We had this review written weeks ago…but I just never got around to posting it. Oooops.  

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Dinosaur Reads…The Book That Eats People — 2 Comments

  1. Aww, poor Dino with his feelings after losing Balboa, but still definitely so proud of him for all he read. Both my girls read a ton of books this summer. I didn’t actually count them, but we took out books from the library weekly here and every night we were reading something here. Just can’t believe school is starting next week now. Crazy how this summer flew by!

  2. At first this sounded like a really interesting book, but it breaks my heart to hear that Dino is so afraid of it now. Hopefully he’ll get over it quickly. On another note, 51 books is awesome!

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