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I started using The Six O’Clock Scramble for meal planning and organized shopping lists. I can alter the recipe to make it organic/NON-GMO. Most of the recipes use the slow cooker or can be made in under 30 minutes.  If I make a big meal in the slow cooker, we can have leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day.

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  • 21st Thurs Dinner- Daddy Choice
  • 22nd Fri Dinner- leftover rice and beans made into quesadillas
  • 23rd Saturday– dinner with friends – sausage and peppers in rolls
  • 24th Sunday – Slow Cooked Baslsamic Rosemary Chicken
  • 25th Monday – open faced chicken sandwiches with gravy
  • 26th Tuesday – Slow Cooked Vegetable Soup with biscuits 
  • 27th Wednesday – vegetable soup over rice 

thurs collage

Dino hates burgers, but hubby loves them. Hubby is going back to nights so we had what we wanted for dinner tonight. It’s not my favorite, but Dino was happy with the hot dogs. I loved my potatoes and salad.

Potatoes: sliced, then coated with coconut oil. Then sprinkled sea salt and other seasonings on them, before baking them at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. When taken out of oven, sprinkle shredded cheese on potatoes.

fri collage

Sorry, forgot to take pics…but Dino and I LOVED them…so flipping good and what a great way to use leftover rice and beans.

sat collage


I did take pics…but only of us hanging out by hubby’s fire pit…but it was too dark and my phone doesn’t take good pictures in the dark. We had a great time though

Sun collage

Now that I will be going to back to work soon and most likely helping Dino with his kindergarten homework I need to make more slow cooked meals and use leftovers for other meals. I made rosemary and balsamic slow cooked chicken. It really was simple…I doused the whole chicken in balsamic vinegar and covered with tons of rosemary…it tasted wonderful. Then I baked potatoes, broccoli, and green beans with coconut oil and seasoning. Together it was a great meal and we have tons of chicken for many leftover meals.

Mon - collage

What a super easy meal to make. Coated carrots in coconut oil, honey, and lemon dill seasoning and sauteed on stove top. Then put chicken on bread and poured on homemade gravy. How did I make the gravy? Well I boiled some of the homemade chicken broth form the slow cooked chicken and added a ton of pancake mix…yup, that easy. Hubby insisted on some mac and cheese, but I didn’t have any. Dino was so tired from having a fun day with friends at the farm, but he had most of his food.

I was able to make three baggies of chicken gravy and three bags of chicken with veggies. Each bag is perfect for two people or three with small portions. Hopefully if I keep this up, I will have extra meals for when I am working late or can’t cook.

nature box collage

I decided to try Naturebox and do love it. Sure it’s a bit pricey, but you are getting darn good and healthy snacks and tons of variety. It teaches Dino there are more snacks than the ones he’s used to. After sampling each bag of snacks we probably ate a whole serving, so each of the snack bags I made could have had more in it or another bag. Not bad, right?

Toasted Sesame Sticks are like bread sticks…only healthier. Mommy YES, Dino NO

Sweet Blueberry Almonds are great way to eat more almonds, sweet but no yucky aftertaste Mommy Yes, Dino Yes

Mango Orange fruit Chews are like regular fruit chews, similar to the NON-GMO ones we buy at Whole Foods. Mommy Yes, Dino Yes

Mesa Chips, are like mini corn chips, they are okay, but I won’t buy them again. Mommy No Dino No

Dutch Sun Cocoa Crunch are like mini dried out brownies…but have a great cocoa taste. Mommy Yes, Dino Yes

Big Island Pineapple are so flipping good and sweet, naturally sweet. Mommy Yes, Dino Yes

tues veggie soup collage


Another great slow cooker meal…I put only a BIT of dry lentils…too much and I get sick. Then I added couscous, sliced tomatoes, spinach, and fresh herbs and seasonings. After it was cooked, I added the previously cooked potatoes, carrots, and green beans.

It was so good and tasty…Dino loved it and plan on having it tomorrow with rice.

Tues first daycollage

I am so excited for Dino, he’s a big boy now and on his way to learning.


wed collage


I made a big batch of rice and sectioned them into smaller bags. I took one bag and mixed it with some leftover soup and topped it with colby cheese…SO GOOD. Dino just about licked the bowl clean.


Yes, buying organic/NON-GMO is expensive. Until there is a big change in food production and what consumers buy, healthy choices will always be more expensive. If you want to start small with organic…here are some great tips.

How to eat organic on a budgetPractical ways to eat well when you can’t afford organic.  Dear Mom who can’t afford organic.


Products that participate in and are NON-GMO can be found here





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  1. Look at how grown up Anthony looks into that photo and hope he had the best first day at kindergarten. We have orientation tomorrow and then Emma starts next Wednesday. Fingers crossed now!

  2. Looks like you’re doing a great job with getting a healthy variety of foods in your diet. Love that you found a new way to get healthy snacks for Dino. I need to figure out how to do that for T now that she’s in Kindergarten and we have to send an after-school snack. The cheap junk food is so easy, but a terrible choice. P.S. That pic of Dino sleeping at the table is super sweet. He really must have been tired!

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