Our Healthy Meal Plan

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I’ve been slacking on posting my meal plans and taking pics…I normally posted every Thursday, but will probably post for the weekend…but that could change. Some days it may be mid week, others may be for two weeks. We shall see.

collage FRI

Dino had a spirit run after school. It was hosted by the PTA and got the kids up and moving for two hours after school. I couldn’t help since I work, but got there about 5:30 and was able to help a bit for the next half hour. I stopped by Whole Foods to get some take out…Dino LOVED the curried broccoli, Feta Cheese Rice, and Chicken Salad.

collage SAT

Dino said he’s tried of pasta and meatballs…so I had to think of another meal with ground beef…and decided to try meatloaf. I added mozzerella in the middle of the loaf, but it melted out….grrrr. I might just mix shredded mozzerella into the meat mixture next time. Any tips on that?


collage SUN

After marinating chicken in a mequite bbq mix, I quickly coated the chicken with dry pancake mix…it was perfection. Just a hint of breading without the frying or heaviness… Hubby said it was similar to the chicken Marsala without the thick sauce. Potatoes and veggies added a nice addition to the chicken.

collage MON


Dino is all about rice and beans now. I slow cook dry beans with water and lots of seasoning. Then after it’s done, I add alredy cooked rice and sausage. This sausage was already cooked, otherwise I would add it to the slow cooker with the beans.  Throw some shredded cheese on top and you have a perfect meal.

collage MON2

In an effort to eat real food for desserts, I made some apple crumble. I cut up an apple, mixed melted butter with dry pancake mix and coated it over the apples. I baked in the oven for thirty minutes and topped with ice cream.  Real food never tasted so good…who needs all those fake additives to taste like apple, when you can have real apple?


Bana crumble collage

No idea, what we had for dinner Tuesday…yup, I’m losing my mind. I do remember our dessert. Just like with the apple crumble, we made banana crumble. Boy, we loved it…so tasty and healthy. I melted butter and mixed it with dry pancake mix and bananas…then placed in a well oiled cast iron skillet. Bake for twenty minutes and you have a tasty and healthy dessert. Top with ice cream of your choice.

fri quinoa collage

What a great, but simple meal. I made quinoa with an organic Latin Seasoning mix…just like Goya, only without the nastiness. Before the quinoa was done, I added diced tomatoes, peas, and carrots. I baked some chicken sausage and mixed it all in. Then topped with shredded cheese for an extra taste. Perfection. Dino and I ate every bite.


Yes, buying organic/NON-GMO is expensive. Until there is a big change in food production and what consumers buy, healthy choices will always be more expensive. If you want to start small with organic…here are some great tips.

How to eat organic on a budgetPractical ways to eat well when you can’t afford organic.  Dear Mom who can’t afford organic.


Products that participate in and are NON-GMO can be found here





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  1. You are totally inspiring being oh so busy, but still having time to cook healthy meals, too. Seriously, I need some of your energy and desire to cook like this after some of the long, crazy days around here. Definitely meal ideas though and thanks for sharing, Karen 🙂

  2. DINO!! I’ve missed Dino… I’m sorry it’s been waaaay too long since my last visit.
    Your meals all sound and look yummy! I have a Whole Foods here, but it’s nothing like the one back in IL, is it weird to say I miss my WF back in IL? Because, yeah I do.
    I know my babies would love, well… 2 out of three would love banana crumble. Thanks for sharing.

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