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“My father’s best advice was…”


Yes, there is no end to that sentence. Why? Because my father’s best advice was NOT what he said, but what he did. He worked nights and evenings and would often come home in the morning before we all left for school. He would forgo sleep and make sure we had everything we needed, and either bring my mom to work or my sister and I to school. Even after we were all gone, I am sure he didn’t sleep right away. He cleaned, did chores, and laundry. No, not because he had to, but that is what he thought a husband and dad should do.

When those chores were done, he would be available to pick us up or be there for an emergency. I can’t tell you how many times he drove me to interviews while in high school or when I was applying teaching jobs The Bronx and had no idea where I was going. He was there when my sister and I had car trouble or needed help. He was there when my purse was stolen in high school. He was there when I swore Dino stopped kicking in my belly-of course it was a silly first time mommy’s nerves.

He was there when Dino was sick and Tony and I had to work, or when I had to rush Dino to the ER for an ear infection. He is there to come up early to bring Dino to school when Tony has to go to work early. He was there showing my sister and I what a Dad is supposed to do for his kids. Now he is there showing Dino what a grandpa is supposed to do for his grand kid.

My father’s best advice was in all the amazing things he did!

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 What was your father’s best advice?  


Dad’s Best Advice — 27 Comments

  1. My father was like that. ALways there when I needed him. Now that he’s passed away, because he was that way when he was alive with great conviction, I know he’s still there when I need him. It’s just different now in how he’s there for me.

  2. Aw! This brought a tear to my eye. Your dad is the BEST!!! His actions have spoken louder and meant more than any advice he could have uttered. Here’s to your dad!! –Lisa

  3. Great way to finish the sentence, Karen! Your dad sounds like a really great guy who has been there for you forever and now for Dino too – so wonderful!

  4. What a wonderful dad. You are indeed blessed. I am a teensy bit envious that you still have him in your life! Is there one thing that you can think of that made him such a good dad? How did he know to be so supportive? Was it innate or was his own dad this way?

  5. Your dad is absolutely amazing! Words can’t describe how much this post made me smile and so happy. I do believe dads should make their wives and children feel exactly what he has made you and your family feel all his life. So amazing!

  6. Wow, that was beautiful! He sounds like a truly selfless man, actually, he reminds me a lot of my husband! Sometimes actions speak louder than words- that was a really inspiring way to finish this sentence!

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