Mommy and Dino’s Real Food Meals

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I know I keep changing the main graphic for this post, but as our information and understanding of real food and cooking healthy changes, so do my posts. I am teaching Dino to be aware of what is in his food and recognize the USDA ORGANIC and NON-GMO labels. He loves to watch food documentaries with me. This is why I am including him in my title of this post.

This week we had of the same foods and tried new things.

One of our meals was meatloaf mixed with a barbecue seasoning and squash…which came out great. I added mac and cheese and veggies…it was a big hit. The meal pictured was leftovers, which is why there are hardly any veggies left. meatloaf and mac cheese collage

On the same day, I made a snack between lunch and dinner…I sliced one potato and cut out the centers, then quickly cooked them in a cast iron skillet. I chopped up the left over potato and onion and mixed with a bit of half and half, two eggs, and seasoning. I poured the egg mixture over the potatoes, lowered the heat, and covered the cast iron skillet. The egg mixture came out super fluffy and tasty. Dino almost devoured the snack.

egg and potatoes collage

Yes, we made chicken soup again! It’s so easy and tasty…a perfect meal for the cold weather. Plus we have leftovers!!!! This time I added a good portion of Minnesota Wild Rice with the jasmine rice.

I find that putting the veggies on the bottom and the chicken on top makes the veggies the perfect consistency and the Chicken is easier to take out of the slow cooker. I can get it out in one piece, but the meat still falls off the bone.

chicken soup collage

I do love chicken and apple sausage! Another favorite of mine. I think I need to update or change up my meals likes I promised! This time I added brown qunioa to the mix…Dino loved every bite.

chicken sausage, couscous, and veggies collage

Recently some states have been fighting for GMO labeling and lost. Monsanto, who creates these science experiments and poisons in our food, has spent a lot of money to advertise the benefits of GMOs, which is sickening and laughable. So tired of hearing how GMO labeling would be more expensive. If Monsanto really wants to prove how safe GMOs, then just label them in their products…but they know the food would labels would show bacteria, antibiotics, chemicals, and poisons.

On a recent shopping trip, I saw a perfect example of how easy GMO labeling or NON-GMO products could be. Cedar’s hummus is NON-GMO verified and is $0.50 cheaper. Sabra chemical mixtures to look like hummus is $0.50 more for 2 oz more. I think I rather go for the 8oz of real hummus than 10 oz of chemicals. What about you?

gmo labeling example

Recently Dino got his purple belt, I am so proud of him! He is loving karate and is doing great. I hope he keeps loving and stays with it. I know the older boys who are now on their striped belts and advancement levels stay and help Sensei with class. I would love for Dino to do that when he’s older.

karate purple belt collage


Yes, buying organic/NON-GMO is expensive. Until there is a big change in food production and what consumers buy, healthy choices will always be more expensive. If you want to start small with organic…here are some great tips.

How to eat organic on a budgetPractical ways to eat well when you can’t afford organic.  Dear Mom who can’t afford organic.

Products that participate in and are NON-GMO can be found here




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  1. HI. I’m glad I found you on SITS sharpest. I, too, strive to eat clean for me and my family. I don’t enjoy preparing/cooking, so have some challenges in the kitchen. I love your features – informational and storytelling style. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. So, can you come to our house and cook for us? ;D I also watch many of the food documentaries and have fallen in love with chicken and apple sausage, too. Great post. Have a super weekend!
    ~Cool Mom for the
    S&K Gang

  3. Congrats, Dino!!! I see NOTHING wrong with chicken soup every week when it’s cold outside. Actually, if i have a craving for it when it’s warm, I still make it 😉

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