I Woudn’t Watch It Either

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 If they made a reality show about my life, it would be called

I have no flipping idea. 

I hate reality TV, because it’s not reality in the least bit. It’s all scripted and fluffed up. It’s edited and made to look one way or another. Alas Finish the Sentence Friday calls for an answer, right?

Now, don’t think I’m judging those who watch reality TV. I’m truly and sadly hooked on many dramas and comedies…which sometimes suck out your brains. I love Parenthood, Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, Law and Order SVU, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mysteries of Laura, Bones, How to Get Away with Murder, and Bad Judge.

As I thought, wrote, deleted, rewrote and deleted again I finally came up with an answer. I just have too many choices.


Eating NON-GMO: watch me on shopping trips as I look for, buy, and cook real food meals. Wait with baited breath to see if Hubby will like the dinner, eat some of it, or outright refuse…Dino eats almost all the food I make. You can check out my attempts at cooking and eating real food here.

FTSF collage reality

Can You be Serious for One Minute?: Watch as I go mad as Dino and Daddy, who are just too similar, are silly and crazy as I try to get things done. I swear Hubby is a big kid and Dino follows in his footsteps I love having fun, but there is a time to be serious. Wanted to get a pic of hubby making his infamous “I messed up face”, which Dino has perfected…but I kept forgetting…sorry. Next time though.

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Commuting: Watch as I drive to work and listen to books on tape. You WILL be entertained by my reactions. I scream, cry, shout, curse, tell the characters what to do or revel in their deserved misery. Plus you get to watch me stuff my face. You can check out my book reviews here.

FTSF collage reality

Snow Day Survival: This one would be insane, watch us survive being trapped in a TINY apartment for two days or longer. Who will go mad first? Seriously, our 950 square foot apartment is not big at all. I normally LOVE the cozy space, EXCEPT when we are trapped in by snow. Thank goodness we live within walking distance to a few restaurants, or I’d be taken away in a white coat.


So, which one of these shows would you sign on to watch, talk about with your friends, host weekly viewing parties as you guessed what would happen next?


Don’t worry, I wouldn’t either. 



I Woudn’t Watch It Either — 16 Comments

  1. Awesome, Karen!! I know what you mean about the snow days. We had ELEVEN last year. ELEVEN. And it was too cold to play in the snow for more than about 20 minutes at a time. Terrible. Perfect ending to the prompt – I don’t watch reality TV either (but am addicted to my shows – Homeland, Breaking Bad, Shameless… so it’s not like I can judge people who love reality tv! 🙂

    • THanks Kristi! I know, snow days are pure torture…at least I don’t have to go to work though…but by the end of the day I was I was at work. Yeah, with all my show addictions…it may be worse than reality TV.

  2. Yep, I have a number of IRL shows that would be called things like “Driving Kids Hither and Yon” or “Getting Them off to School in under 20 Minutes — While Learning Fun New Under-the-Breath Spicy Expressions” or “How Not to Respond to Your In-Laws After an Overly Stressful Day” or “PTA Fails — Anna Edition” Probably wouldn’t have a lot of viewers for these shows either!

  3. I think eating Non-GMO would do it for me. I am mostly too lazy to look at labels and although my husband doesn’t outright refuse to eat dinner, the amount becomes completely diminished which means I have a LOT more to figure out how to get rid of.

  4. Oh this is a tough prompt… I have no idea how I’d answer it either! I loved reading the part about commuting and picturing you getting so involved in the audio books. That’s a brilliant way to pass the time during the commute. And being snowed in is something very hard to imagine living where we do, but good to hear you’ve got good restaurants close by…I’d go crazy stuck inside too!

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