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Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Secret Subject Swap

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My subject is: Your elf on the shelf recruited some friends in the off season. Every morning you wake up and all sorts of shenanigans have taken place. Tell me about it. It was submitted by Here goes: 

The past two years it was all about our elf “Scooby Doo” reporting back to Santa on Dino’s behavior. Then I realized that it took away from the spirit of Christmas and made Dino less likely to enjoy Scooby Doo and more likely to resent him. This year it will be different. This year instead of Scooby Doo hiding in places Dino can’t reach…(which he will lose his magic if he does) I will hide him in places Dino CAN reach. Scooby Doo is a playful loving elf who wants to remind Dino that Santa is watching and only looking for when Dino does kind and loving things.

Scooby Doo will NOT be naughty, just playful!

So let’s see what shenanigans Scooby Doo got into with his buddies.

First night Scooby Doo came back after visiting Santa. Not sure why the pic came out in a red tone, I am hoping to get a new phone that takes better pictures. Scooby Doo, sock snowman, and dinosaur (which you can’t see) were looking at the pictures Dino drew in his small notepad.

elf on shelf

Scooby a mini t-rex, a mini soilder, a power ranger, and a rescue bot all helped each other drink the rest of the chocolate coconut milk Dino left on the TV stand. Dino was so happy to find him, he hugged and kissed him.

 elf drinking milk

Scooby Doo, Sock snowman, Froggy, and Buzz all decided to neslte in some warm towels for a good night’s sleep. Please enjoy the messy top shelf of the wicker basket, no need to thank me…it’s my pleasure.  

elf on shelf towels collage

Scooby Doo, Teddy, Water Dino, and Snowman all drew pics on the table with one of Dino’s markers.

elf on shelf tablecollage

I got a new phone with a ROCKING camera!!!!! Finally clear pics!

I got the Samsung Galaxy S5 and so thrilled with it! I decided to go back to a contract after the pre-paid phones just weren’t up to the same quality. 

Now back to the Scooby Doo and his buddies. 

Scooby Doo was using a minion’s fart gun while the minion, monster puppet, another snowman sock laughed and egged him on.

toy basket elf collage

Scooby Doo, Spider Man Head, and Minion are hanging out, eating fruits and playing with the fart gun. Yes, Dinosaurs’s pajama shirt is on inside out. Yes, there is that meme of Jack Nicholson not giving a f&ck on our wall. Why? Well, why not? 

fruit bowl collage

Scooby Doo, Spider Man head, several transformers, one Rescue Bot Human, Orange Robot, Monkey, and Minion were all looking at one of the spiders in Dino’s Killer Spiders book.

elf table


The number of spots to hide the Elf and surprises he could get into are becoming more challenging…but it’s fun. Though a few just as I was falling into a deep sleep, I had to jump out of bed and hide the elf… 

The cute part is, Dino puts him back on the picture frame shelf every time. He can’t get him to sit up, so he lays him down. When he gets home from schools, Scooby Doo is sitting up! 





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  1. I like those ideas SOOOO MUCH more than what I have been seeing on FB!!!! I keep thinking to myself, why are people making this elf get into mischief?? How can that be good for a kid? Makes so much more sense for him to do nice things!!!

    • Thanks and I agree. I don’t want Dino to do bad things and think it’s okay because the Elf did it. I want him to think about kindness, joy, and helping others. Plus…the joy of Dino finding and hugging the elf is priceless

  2. I love all your creative elf activities! I’m so boring…the most creative our elf has gotten was when she was hanging upside down on the curtain rod. I’d love to see more of your elf’s antics later in the month, too!

  3. Scooby-Doo is one cool elf. I like him. I really want to get an Elf for Weewee. She’s 17 months old. I don’t think she’ll get it, so I’m waiting until next year. Possibly the year after. I too want it to be fun with no resentment. Looks like Scooby-Doo is living up to the task at hand quite well. Great post. I can definitely see the improvement in the pictures!

    • Yeah, I hear you, I think Dino would have been too young at that age too. Next Christmas might be okay, even to have her look for the elf. I know the pics are amazing!!!! So glad I went back to a verizon contract phone, the prepaid phones just were poor quality.

  4. Haha, I have seen it all with this Elf on the Shelf… Thankfully mine are 12 and 17 and way beyond that and it was not around when they did believe… I asked them about it and we all agreed it is creepy and kinds scary looking. Glad you are doing fun positive things with Scooby Doo….. To funny!

    • it is really creepy if you use the elf for behavior management or if you touch him he will never go back to Santa. That’s why I like the idea of it being fun and magical…

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