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Amazon Summary:

In this beginning reader, today is the first day of school. The Dinotrux are nervous! What will they eat for lunch? Will their teacher be nice? But the Dinotrux don’t need to worry. They can help each other. And school isn’t scary. It’s fun, especially when you are part dinosaur and part truck! (Passport to Reading Level 1)

Dino Review: They are scared about going to school. They want to have a stay at home day like me. They all help each other (laughs aloud as he thinks about it). They think the teacher is mean, but he is funny. 

Mommy Review: This was one of the books I bought from the Scholastic Reading Club…it’s a great way to build Anthony’s library. This book is pretty cute, as he already knows the dinotrux from a previous book. In this book they are all worried about school, the supplies they need, and if the caveman teacher is scary or nice. They all help each other getting ready and go to school. Teamwork is key!

This month the teacher is working on the “setting” of a story in school. Luckily for Dino, we go over all the elements in a a story when we read. We always discuss the characters, setting, problem, solution, and even sequence events in the story. 


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  1. Sounds like a cute book! I can’t tell you how many scholastic books we’ve bought over the years…but most of them are really good! Great job prepping Dino for school. We should probably discuss the elements of a story more with T. Hmmmm.

  2. I LOVE the Dinotrux series too! I didn’t realize there was new one out! My son loves all things dinosaur — I think secretly still! Thanks for the great review and for sharing it at the Kid Lit Blog Hop!!!

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