Plans Change and Life Goes On

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My subject is…It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the time that _________. It was submitted by Here goes: 

It was the time that I forgot that plans change and but life goes on… 

Here we were Christmas Eve, which was already bitter sweet with my sister and BIL celebrating in their new home in Texas. Yes, they relocated from NY to Texas. It all happened pretty fast and while I am happy for them, I miss my sister. Life goes on though, right? I know we will get to seem them during holidays and I plan to visit them over the summer with Dino. It’s just weird knowing that she is not a hour away anymore, but across the country. Changes happen and we must keep moving forward making new memories.

This Christmas instead of celebrating with them in their condo, like we normally do, my parents were coming up to our apartment to celebrate with us. Since my apartment is pretty small, we were all going out for a Hibachi Dinner. I am glad I didn’t cook. Why? You’ll see as you read on.

It was a fairly quiet Christmas Eve morning with Dino unusually quiet and not eating much. He said a few times he didn’t feel good, but he was still playing and rolling around like he does. I didn’t think much of it though, eventually Dino and myself get ready. He looked so handsome in a red and black plaid shirt and gray pants. Once he’s dressed he starts complaining even more that he’s sick. This is not new, for the past few weeks Dino kept saying how sick he was feeling. Soon we realized he was only sick for a short time and started milking it to stay home and hopefully have my dad come up to watch him.  One morning, I reached my limit…after complaining he was sick again I explained that Daddy and I had to go to work, Pop Pop had doctor appointments, and if he was really sick I would have to drop him off at the hospital and pick him up after work. Suddenly he was better.

Therefore when Dino kept moaning about being sick Christmas Eve morning, I thought nothing of it. I truly thought he was pretending. Then all of a sudden he got pale and started moving around like he WAS sick. I knew something was up, but before I could act he was in the bathroom throwing up all over the toilet…not much going in the toilet.  His Christmas outfit was done, the bathroom was a mess. I took care of our sick boy while Hubby cleaned up the bathroom. I called my parents to let them know the change. Sadly Dino did visit the sick bucket two times. We ordered Chinese food and I ate sparingly feeling queasy myself. It could have been in my head, but the after Christmas I was sick. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was stress, maybe it was something Dino passed on to me. I do know that I continued to feel not 100% percent better the rest of vacation.

So is life with kids during the holidays. We make plans and I forgot that nothing is set in stone.

I took for granted that my sister would always live close by…now she is too far away. I wish I had done more with her. Sadly life gets in the way and we forget what truly matters. Life goes on and I now have to save money since Dino and I do plan on visiting them in Texas for a few days over the summer.



Love that my BIL Phil is always looking down at Anthony…too cute.


Plans Change and Life Goes On — 12 Comments

  1. We made it through Christmas…New year’s is when the bug hit our humble abode! I’m glad you guys are feeling better-and at least this was a memorable one?

    Love to you and you’re right life goes on and moving forward is the way to go. ❤

  2. Aww, I hope you & the little guy are feeling better. That’s sad about your sister moving so far away. I’m close with my brother & I’d be heart broken if he moved away. It’s good that you guys are going this summer though.

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