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Whenever I hear the term “Epic Fail,” I think of the time…

I failed at organizing.

I tried to create an organizing blog hop. I tried to clean and organize. I tried to do it all, but I FAILED.

It’s okay that I failed. Who says we should it all? What is doing it all really mean? Why is it a goal for moms?  I rather fail at “doing it all” than fail at being a mom that my son thinks is awesome…like the Lego Movie which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Since I work full-time and commute an hour each way I have little time as it is. I decided to hire a cleaning lady to come every other week-that’s all I could afford right now. It makes a HUGE difference. I love coming home to a clean home. I love knowing that I only have to do touch-up cleaning in between… By having a cleaning lady I now have more time to prepare real-food meals, spend time with my son, and go to the gym.

Such a treat coming home to clean place. So did I really fail or win? 

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Since I’m in a sharing mood, I also failed with Dino’s lunches. You know I am all about real food. I can’t stand Monsanto treating us like science experiments. I can’t stand that the FDA has their pockets lined with companies and doesn’t really care about what’s healthy.

I used to pack Dino lunches to take to school, most of the time they were sandwiches, but at least they were organic bread, meats, cheeses, snacks, fruits, and veggies. All of a sudden he started coming home with his lunch box full and ordering lunch at school. Yes I put money on his lunch account. Why? I didn’t want him to be without food just in case of an emergency.

Now he only gets lunch from school…though it’s not really lunch. As far as I am concerned it’s all experiments created in a lab, frozen and shipped long distances. The “food” doesn’t spoil because it’s not really food. He wants to eat it, because everyone else is eating it. Sure they serve veggies and fruits…but they are canned, jarred, and sugary..not real or fresh.

But what can I do? I can’t force him. At least he eats real food at home….just check out all our real food meals HERE.

The only positive in this is that I don’t have to make his lunch the night before…which is sweet. I offer to give him leftovers in a Thermos, but he wants none of it. I do pack his snacks with a juice and water. Perhaps one day he will change his mind and opt for real food lunches.

What was your epic fail? Was it really an fail or a win? 


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  1. Don’t hate on me, but Emma also gets school lunch and actually is so much easier, too as I don’t have to make something the night before and then scramble each week for what I need to buy in order to make it. So, for me definitely easier, but Lily being a picky eater, I have a feeling I am going to be making lunch for her until she is in college! 😉

  2. Karen, that is my EPIC FAIL, too. I just can’t get it together. But, I didn’t write about it. I’m afraid if I had, my readers would have zoned out – I’ve blathered on about it way too much:). It is what it is…

  3. I pack my son’s lunches too but the healthiest thing in it is the sliced orange or apple and it does seem like it takes at least a good ten minutes to pack it. Still it’s better than what they get at school. I went and had lunch with him recently and for the most part the kids don’t even eat it, just pick through it.

    • I am going to help out for lunch one day for Winter and spring break and fear what the food looks like. I keep trying, but oh well. At least I can pack healthy snacks…sometimes he eats the fruit, other times he pretends it’s not there.

  4. I think no worries on the school lunches. I have three and they all have taken their lunches and bought the school lunch. Sometimes it’s just better to have less stress in life than try to do it all.

  5. Karen, you are a hardworking soul and I admire you for all that you are doing for your family. I also get a cleaning lady once a month to help me tidy the stuff around and sometimes do a take out dinner when I am in between projects.


  6. I have money sitting in the school lunch account that has been there for almost three years now as somebody won’t even try them (which I guess is a good thing). I pack him healthy lunches too. So far so good but he’s only five years old so I suspect that it’s just a matter of time…
    YAY for cleaning people! Not a fail at all!

  7. I get the food thing. One of the reasons I am happy I homeschool is because of the food thing. But as they get older it’s harder to control. The other day he asked the guy at McDonald’s if the hamburgers had Mad Cow in them. Hmmm….

  8. I love the imagination of Dino and thank you for letting us listen in. It sounds like getting your cleaning lady to help was a great idea and helps with the on-going stress of running a household, right?

  9. I’d have to say that having someone clean your house every two weeks is not a fail; at least I don’t consider it a fail because I have someone help clean my house every two weeks as well! As for school lunches, my kids also get lunch at school. Da Boyz eat well at home, and I do think that the school tries to provide healthy food within the limits of their budget. But you know that I sympathize with your desire to have kids eat healthy!

    • It is nice not having to pack his lunch, less for me to do…I just want him as healthy as possible. It is lovely coming home to clean place, isn’t it?

  10. No, we can’t do it ALL. And you’ll kill yourself if you keep trying. We used to have a cleaning service, and I loved it…until they stopped doing a good job. So I had to fire them and haven’t found a replacement. I hate all that deep cleaning, too. Yuck. I’m glad you’re not giving yourself too hard a time about Dino’s lunches. Peer pressure is tough stuff. Getting ¾ of his nutrition the healthy way is a great start.

    • yes, at least his snacks, and home food is all good for him…and knowing I have to pack one less lunch is SWEET. oh no…that must have been hard to break that cleaning relationship off…deep cleaning is the worst…

  11. Oh the food thing is SO HARD. We work really hard to make sure our kids eat as healthy as we can, but we can’t control what they do outside of our house. We just hope we are instilling the right habits in them and displaying a good example. Which you obviously are!

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