Mommy and Dino’s Real Food Meals

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All recipes and meals are made with organic, real food and/or NON-GMO products.

Dino is still an omnivore…

Potatoes, Egg, and Cheese snack

potato, egg, cheese collage


~ potatoes
~ cheese
~ eggs
~ spices 


1. slice potatoes and bake in oven until fully cooked
2. pour raw scrambled eggs on top of baked potatoes (I mix my eggs with water and seasoning)
3. cover and bake until eggs are fully cooked
4. remove from oven and sprinkle shredded cheese on top


Makes for a great and filling snack


Meatball and Spinach Pizza

pizza collage


~ ground pork and turkey
~ spinach
~ whole wheat pizza bread
~ sauce and shredded cheese
~ seasonings of choice
~ olive oil


1. cook ground pork and turkey with seasonings
2. Set aside frozen fresh spinach
3. coat both sides of pizza breads with olive oil
4. spread on sauce and add meat on one and spinach on the other
5. then sprinkle cheese on top
6. let cool then serve

Who doesn’t love pizza? 


Meatballs and Pasta

meatballs collage


~ pasta and sauce
~ ground beef and pork made into meatballs

for sauce: puree spinach, leeks, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and seasonings to get flavorful sauce to pour over meatballs while they bake



1. cook pasta and meatballs as you would
2. mix together with sauce and serve

an easy meal that’s always a family favorite


Rice and Beans with Veggies

collage rice, beans, veggies


~ rice and beans of your choice
~ leeks, onions, garlic
~ carrots, broccoli, spinach
~ seasoning of choice
~ shredded cheese


1. cook rice with butter and olive oil
2. add seasonings of choice
3. add in veggies, herbs, and beans
4. sprinkle cheese on top before serving…


One of Dino’s favorites


Chicken Thighs with Broccoli and Potatoes

chicken thighs, potatoes, broccoli collage


~ seasoning of choice
~ chicken thighs
~ potatoes

~ broccoli
~ leeks, garlic, onions


1. marinate chicken for a few hours with honey, olive oil, water and seasonings of choice and herbs
2. bake chicken at 350 until fully cooked…keep cooked juices for gravy (miz with flour to get gravy)
3. season and bake potatoes and broccoli and serve with chciken

Not eaten yet…but all ready for hungry bellies



Yes, buying organic/NON-GMO is expensive. Until there is a big change in food production and what consumers buy, healthy choices will always be more expensive. If you want to start small with organic…here are some great tips.

How to eat organic on a budget. Practical ways to eat well when you can’t afford organic. Dear Mom who can’t afford organic.

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