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Spring time and you planted seeds, but instead of flowers ____ is growing in your yard!

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I know I always say this, but I LOVE this prompt. So instead of flowers, I have a forever replenishing garden of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Not to worry, a greenhouse will grow overnight, so even in the winter, my garden will grow. What you think I’m delusional? Well, the prompt never said I had to stick to reality.

So back to my special garden. Yup, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, apples, lemons, bananas, parsley, oregano, chives, leeks, onions, garlic, are all growing in my yard. They replenish on their own and there is always enough for us when we need it! The catch? Well we have to share. We have to share the seeds with other neighbors so they can grow amazing gardens too! We have to share the spoils with those who don’t have gardens or can’t always get fresh food. We trade and fruits, vegetables, and herbs with those who have an abundance of eggs and meat.

What would this do to the supermarkets? What would this do to the food industry? Well more and more stores are carrying organic and/or NON-GMO verified products. It’s been a long time coming, we need to go back to organic, we need to be self-sufficient, we need to take back control of our food. If we all started growing gardens on our lawns, if we all started teaching children what “natural” really means we would be healthier nations. Natural is NOT a label on a fake cheese product or GMO-filled frozen foods. natural means untouched by greedy corporations and scientists with the agenda of making more money.

My ‘garden’ last year was just a few potted plants which was pretty sad, but I rent so I am limited. Don’t worry, this year, I plan on buying this raised bed garden from Improvements Catalog…click on the pic to see all the details. Pretty cool, right?

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I have a homemade compost bin-it was pretty darn easy to make. Hubby helped me drill holes all around and on the bottom of the bin, we use bungees to keep the lid on top. There’s a huge layer of amazing soil on the bottom, that we often roll around to mix with new scraps. I’d show you what’s inside, but it’s pretty nasty, trust me soon it will all be amazing soil for my garden.

What can you put in a compost bin? Here’s a big list of things you REALLY can put in the compost.

compost two

In our kitchen I throw scraps in a jar then put them in our compost every few hours. Of course I need a better container for our kitchen, so I can keep the scraps in there a few days instead of emptying every few hours. Are you looking what’s in there? I have coffee grinds, a tea bag, food container, box, and carrot peels.

compost one

I know, I need to get off my soap box, but it’s annoying when we are the odd ones out because we don’t want the fake food or drinks. It’s annoying when I am made to feel like a bad mom because I don’t want my son eating what everyone else eats. I don’t want pesticides, antibiotics, and chemicals in his food. It’s annoying when real food costs more than the food created in a science lab. It’s annoying when wanting to eat real food is looked on as being weird, quirky, a fad, or annoying.



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  1. I decided to try vermicomposting two weeks ago. I dumped in the worms and haven’t looked back. I’m afraid to now. I’m hoping to have a good container garden on my balcony this year.

  2. Love this! Our community just initiated another community garden in a low income area which is far away from the Farmer’s Market and no real grocery stores but tons of convenience stores. It is a cool garden where anyone can go and take what they want and what they need. It is also an effort to teach people to be self-sufficient as they offer free gardening classes.

    P.s. I like your soapbox

  3. I completely agree that it’s just so unfair that healthy food costs so much more. There is seriously something wrong with that.
    And I love your scenario where you grow but you also share. Perfect.

  4. I wish I was any kind of gardener, your imaginary garden sounds amazing. And using it to give to others would be amazing too. We have a peach tree in our back yard, and all the neighbours know that any of the branches that hang over the fence are free for the harvesting. It’s how we keep the fruit from going to waste, because there’s really too many peaches for three people to eat.

  5. I’ve always wanted a beautiful, flourishing vegetable garden! My grandparents had one growing up and some of my best memories are of shelling peas, picking strawberries and pulling carrots!

    • to think that what our grandparents ate is now considered organic…how times change. There’s a true sense of pride growing your own food.

  6. I wish I had a greenhouse and garden in my yard! I also wish I had two green thumbs! I would love to have a continuous supply of fruits and veggies and herbs, right in my yard! Heaven on Earth! Great prompt and you did an excellent job with it!

  7. I don’t think you’re a bad mom for wanting your family to eat the healthiest food available. And growing your own fruits and vegetables is a great way to start with that. I can’t wait to see how your garden grows in this year. If only random pop-up greenhouses happened too!

    • I wish green houses would pop up too!!!! if only…sighs… Thanks babe… I am trying to teach my son what’s good for his body and what’s not.

    • it was an awesome prompt! Wow…that must have been pretty awesome…I hope to one day have a house and have chickens..imagine fresh eggs and not having to buy them! Thanks babe…after all the wonderful reviews my soap box is now made of concrete.

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