Just Finished Reading Book Hop #41

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2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Karen has
read 14 books toward her goal of 60 books.


Goodreads Summary: A Tap on the Window When Cal Weaver stops at a red light on a rainy night while driving home, he ignores the bedraggled-looking teenage girl trying to hitch a ride – even when she starts tapping on his window. But as soon as he realizes she’s one of his son’s classmates, he knows he can’t really leave her, alone, on the street.

But nothing prepares him for the consequences of trying to help her out. The next morning he’s gone from Good Samaritan to Murder Suspect, and with one girl dead and another missing, he’s suddenly at the center of a deadly puzzle that reaches right to the heart of the town – from its bullying police force to its strangely furtive mayor – and finally to one family’s shocking secret.

My Review: 5 Stars One good deed and this all happens. It’s crazy how one wrong choice can put you in the middle of crap you want nothing to do with. What a crazy web that slowly unraveled as Cal begins to find more clues. Of course the clues lead him to a truth he never expected or can handle. It leads to a ending that is insane. 

Spoilers: Highlight to read…. (((As the story progressed, I had a feeling his son was murdered and I was right!!!! I thought it was one of the cops, but never expected it to be the mayor. The mayor who was hiring him to find his daughter…SICK! I knew the boyfriend who suddenly broke up with Claire, was the one who helped her out of town. The reason he left…wow! How did the chief of police not know this was going on???  Poor Cal loses everyone he loves…it’s not fair…sobs, I was not expecting this, was not expecting that ending…I was shocked to the core.)))

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Goodreads Summary: The Stranger Harlan Coben’s seven consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers feature unrivaled depths of emotion combined with cutting-edge suspense plots that keep millions of readers turning pages deep into the night. In The Stranger, married parents Adam and Hannah confront the shocking secret on which their marriage is built—leaving Adam wondering whether he ever truly knew Hannah at all.

What a concept. How does the stranger know all this? He is a for hire or just a sick b^stard? So intriguing already. 


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 Okay I need help with my next book. I have one credit from Audible and all the books on my wish list are on sale…so I want to buy ((2)) books. Which two should I get? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!!!!

By Lisa Unger: Darkness, My Old Friend   /      Fragile     /    Die For You   /    Black Out Tiffany L. Warren: The Replacement Wife Nora Roberts: The Liar Lisa Scottoline: Every Fifteen Minutes Susan Crawford: The Pocket Wife Chevy Stevens: Never Knowing David Rosenfelt: Don’t Tell a Soul Liane Moriarty: Three Wishes    /   Big Little Lies Tess Gerritsen: Die Again  


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  1. I’m trying to decide which Audible book to get from my wish list too! I like Liane Moriarity, but that’s the only author on your list that I know. I just finished listening to The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry – it was great.

    • Harlan Coben is a great mind f*ck writer! Lisa Unger writes dark and twisted…but I decided on buying The Replacement Wife, and using a credit for Every Fifteen Minutes…I was happy to hear the hold I placed on Little Big Lies came in…so now I have three of the books I wanted…WOOOOHOOO

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