Real Food Meal – Raviolis and Green Beans in Butter Sauce

All recipes and meals are made with organic, real food and/or NON-GMO products.

AJ still an omnivore. You may notice me referring to Dino as AJ from now on. As he is getting older, I think its time my blog grew with him. While the name of this blog won’t change, his will. So why AJ? Well I feel it’s a bit older than Dino, close to his real name while allowing for continued anonymity. 

Yes I am changing this format. Instead of posting all the meals I make in a week, I am going to feature one per post. It will save me time and allow me to share more with you. What do you think?  

Raviolis and Green Beans in Butter Sauce

raviolis collage


~ organic raviolis
~ organic green beans
~ organic butter
~ organic Italian seasoning



1. boil raviolis in water with some butter and salt
2. bake seasoned green beans in oven until cooked but still a bit hard
3. mix together when all cooked, add butter and melted coconut oil
4. Serve and enjoy

AJ LOVED the meal especially when you can stuff your face with ravioli and make funny faces. 


Yes, buying organic/NON-GMO is expensive. Until there is a big change in food production and what consumers buy, healthy choices will always be more expensive. If you want to start small with organic…here are some great tips.

How to eat organic on a budget. Practical ways to eat well when you can’t afford organic. Dear Mom who can’t afford organic.

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Real Food Meal – Raviolis and Green Beans in Butter Sauce — 11 Comments

  1. I think AJ is definitely growing up, so I like the new moniker. That looks delicious, btw. I never would have thought to put beans in with the ravioli, but it definitely kicks up the nutritional value and I bet it tastes amazing:)

    • Thanks, I like the new name too! I am always trying to add veggies to anything, it bulks up the dinner, fills our bellies better and saves on money!

  2. Totally understand the need to grow with your family. AJ is definitely getting older, and it’s awesome to see how he’s developing. My kids love ravioli (or any pasta) too. Love the idea of mixing it with a fresh veggie, too!

  3. Karen, this looks like a great dish, I love the combination. Your little guy always looks so cute! Hope you have a very special Mothers Day weekend and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday this week.
    Miz Helen

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