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Yes, I’m changing a few things here. Dino’s growing up and therefore this blog must grow too. While I’ll still keep the name and content, the way posts are presented will change. I may refer to Dino as AJ and will try to post about the happenings in our life, what AJ is up to, and what’s it’s like raising an only child who is as wild as they come. Now on to the book review.

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Andrew’s Loose Tooth

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Our town had a children’s book sale this past weekend, this was one of the books we bought. Is AJ starting to lose his teeth? Nope, not yet. I think he is ready, solely to get money from the tooth fairy. 

Amazon Summary:

Best-selling author and illustrator team Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko have created another adventure about Andrew, his loose tooth, and the wacky ways friends and family try to pull it out!

“Yeow!” shouts Andrew. “Do something about my loose tooth. It hurts to much I can’t eat my apple.” Andrew’s dad breaks his pliers trying to pull that tooth. Andrew’s dentist can’t pull it either–not even by tying a rope to Andrew’s tooth and driving off in his car. The Tooth Fairy is a biker chick who says, “This is the first tooth ever that I can’t pull out!”

Andrew’s best friend, Louis, ends up saving the day with his special tooth-removing remedy–lots and lots of pepper up Andrew’s nose!.

AJ’s Review:

He has a loose tooth and it’s a crazy tooth, it won’t come out. That’s silly, that’s not true, it’s just a book. It’s not safe to use a hammer or car, that’s dangerous. My mommy wouldn’t do that to me, she loves me. His friend knows how to get the tooth out. He’s smart. 

Mommy’s Review:

A very silly book about a boy with a loose tooth that will not come out. He can’t eat his apple, so his father, mother, dentist, and tooth fairy all try super ridiculous and scary ways to get the tooth out. I am so glad that Anthony realized they were all being unsafe. Finally his friend, the smartest one of the bunch, comes up with a normal idea.

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  1. Sorry and not sure why my phone submitted my comment before I was done, but was going to say that I love that your blog is growing with AJ and will tell you I have slowly been shifting my blog, too as my girls are getting older, as well. And on the tooth front, no loose teeth here either!

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