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Yes, I’m changing a few things here. My guy is growing up and therefore this blog must grow too. While I’ll still keep the name and content, the way posts are presented will change. I will be referring to my little man as AJ, as this is close to his real name while still keeping his anonymity). Now on to the book review.

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Dog in Boots

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We bought this book about a year ago, or perhaps even two years ago. We read this every so often, it’s still one of our very favorites.

Amazon Summary:

Inspired by his favorite story about a cat with fantastic boots, Dog heads out to the local shoe store and emerges with some splendid footwear. Wants and needs are contrasted through the process of trial and error in this cheerful picture book.

AJ’s Review:

Dog is so silly, he wants to be like the cat in the story. He wants boots, but doesn’t like them. Then gets high heels and flippers, but doesn’t like them. He already has paws but doesn’t know they are awesome.

Mommy’s Review:

Even though this book is adorable and silly, it has the wondrous message that you MUST always be happy and love who you are and what you have. Dog thinks he needs all these different types of footwear to be a great dog and do great things. In reality, his own paws can do it all…if only he had seen the versatility and wonder of his own paws in the first place.

Dog tries various shoes and silly things happen. AJ can just about repeat the book word for word. The illustrations are wonderful and appealing. 

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    • It’s such a cute book and forgot to add that at the end, he reads a book about a girl with a cape…makes for a prediction of what Dog will do next.

  1. Love stories with a moral like this. We’re definitely going to have to look for a ‘girl’ version, as the green-eyed monster has reared it’s head more than once with our girls.

  2. Stopping by from the hop to say hello. I love the way you break your review down by Amazon blurb, your son’s opinion, and your opinion. This looks like a great book, thanks for sharing :0)

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