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The Bully from the Black Lagoon


We bought through the Scholastic Reading Club at our school. Click HERE to check it out. Does your school have one? What books have you bought your kid(s)?

Amazon Summary:

Hubie has heard there’s a new kid in school. His name is Butch Pounder, and he is rumored to be a mean bully! Did Butch really beat up the football team and eat the teacher’s pet at his last school?

Hubie thinks he’ll end up in the nurse’s office, when he finally runs into Butch. But, of course, Hubie’s imagination has run away from him again! All Butch wants is a new friend to show him around school, and Hubie is just who he needed!

AJ’s Review:

He thinks the new kid is going to beat him up, eat him, and throw him away. He is scared of the bully. Bullies are not nice, but he’s not a bully. He’s a good guy and wants to be friends. I’m nice to everyone and like to make friends. 

Mommy’s Review:

Very cute book about a boy who misunderstands what he hears about the new kid or hears rumors. Hubie works himself into a frenzy thinking of horrific and devastating things the bully can do to him. In the end, the new kid is nothing like what he heard he would be…he’s jut a new kid looking to make friends. 

Teaches a great lesson…never judge someone before you meet them. 

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What are your kids reading? 

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  1. Souands like another great book and we actually have a Scholastic Book Fair again this Friday at Emma’s school and are so excited to get a new book. She recently read the newest Pinkalicious book (Aqualicious) and also a collection of Biscuit books too and just finished that tonight. So we are definitely due for some new reading material here.

  2. Stopping by from the blog hop to say hello. It is easy to mis-hear or misunderstand others at times. I do that even as an adult. Love the way your son proclaims that he is nice to everyone. MY daughter is the same way!

  3. I love that we’re seeing more books about bullying, and I like the message in this one to not judge people before we know them. Actions truly speak louder than words (and wild imaginations) 😉

  4. I used to work at the Scholastic Book Fairs at my kids’ school. The school thought I was being a good volunteer. I thought I was spending the afternoon checking out all the cool books. I think I was my own best customer.

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