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Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 18 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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  • Mommy: AKA Karen, me…the wife and mom 
  • Daddy: AKA Tony, husband and dad
  • AJ – our only child, a 6 year old boy who thinks he knows it all and is the one in charge

After getting one of his birthday gifts, a scooter from Daddy, AJ very seriously said. “I know I can’t ride it in the house. It’s best for me to ride it outside.”

Later that day he tried riding it in our dining area and does the craziest fall, hitting his head twice on the wooden chair. It would have made for a hysterical you tube video, but I wasn’t quick enough. After moaning on the floor he started screaming at the scooter and chair. “It’s all your fault. You are supposed to do your jobs. I’m not your friend anymore.” Hands were flying as he spoke-can we say Italian temper?

THANKFULLY he’s fine. He’s a tough kid, but it was a pretty hilarious fall and I hope he learned his least for a few weeks, days, hours.


AJ wanted to make a ghost mask. Together we came up with the idea to attach the mask to his birthday crown (from school). After the face, he wanted to make a whole body to go with it. Once that was done, he walked around the house for about twenty minutes making ghost sounds.  He did all the drawing and cutting himself. I just helped him tape it to the crown. 


“Now that I’m six I only have one more year before I can watch Goosebumps. Right Mommy? You said when I was seven and seven is after six.”  He kept asking to watch Goosebumps on Netflix, but it’s way to scary for him…even gives me chills. So when he was still five I quickly said he had to wait till he was seven to watch it. It was one of those “mommy moments” when you just want silence and give an answer. Obviously I regret it now, I wish I had said he had to wait till he was ten.

Is there anyway to delete a TV show from Netflix?????


We have a LOOSE TOOTH!!!! It was exciting. We were both cheering in Whole Foods and laughing. Fast forward a week…NOTHING.

loose tooth

Later that morning, after we came home and put groceries away, we walked to the library. The library is just up the hill from our place, sure it’s a hill, but it’t not THAT far. AJ insisted we sit down because, “It’s been a long and tiring morning. I need a rest.”

long day

Hooray, he FINALLY lost that darn tooth on Tuesday!!!! He must have swalloed it during lunch. Of course he was laughing because… “The Tooth Fairy is going to get my poop tooth.”

There was a kindergarten celebration for both classes on Tuesday. The students read one writing piece for the parents and we go to see a slide show of pictures and the students reading short plays based on books. Then we all went to the gym to help out with activities and games. What a great way to end kindergarten…even though Thursday (yesterday) was the last day of school for them.

Anthony won the guessing game after correctly guessing how many erasers were in the bag without going over.  “This is the best day of my life.” Apparently he’s easy to please.

PicMonkey Collage

This is how AJ watches TV sometimes. Or he stands in front of the TV wiggling around, or jumps from couch to couch. All I can do is laugh at him and imagine how much pain I would be in if I watched TV like that.

watching TV

Yesterday was AJ’s last day of school, he’s so excited. Though tomorrow and all next week Mommy still has to work. The poor guy has to get up early to go to work with Daddy then off to summer camp.

first and last day

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Fly on the Wall — 30 Comments

  1. I love the home made ghost costume. You should have gotten video of him haunting the house!
    And the scary movie thing? My kids loved them and still do. Sorry, you may just have to give in on that one!

    • I know, a video would have been awesome. I may have to give in…but know I will be up with him for a week! Maybe if I do it over the summer it won’t be so bad…I won’t have to get up early for work.

  2. LOL!! Poop tooth!! So cute!!!!
    Love that ghost mask! What a great job!!!
    My older kids used to watch Goosebumps when they were little but I don’t think there’s anyway Colin would. Some kids like scary and some kids don’t.

  3. Haha – I’d hate to think of what’d be on my fly on the wall post! Neat concept! Gosh I remember when watching tv like that was comfortable (a VERY long time ago now)

  4. AJ watches TV the way my boys play video games… bouncing around and yelling. Maybe it’s a boy thing.

    Yay for the lost tooth!

    As for Goosebumps, you should watch it together (when he’s seven, of course) and let him learn the hard way. I had to do that with zombies and my oldest. He’s over it now and knows his limits.

    • good suggestion with the goosebumps…I know i;ll be sleeping with him for a few weeks afterwards though.

      Those boys and their silly ways…

  5. So funny that AJ yelled at the scooter for falling down! And what is it with kids hopping on furniture? My (almost) 3-year old does that constantly.

  6. LOL! Your son sounds like mine! He falls off of something and blames the object he was on. And he’s got a good temper too, but I don’t know how much Italian he has in him.

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