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The Night Before First Grade


Amazon Summary:

It’’s the night before the Big Day—-first grade! Penny is excited to start the year with her best friend right beside her in the same classroom. This humorous take on Clement C. Moore’s classic tale has a perfect twist ending that will surprise readers —as well as the “heroine” of the story— and help all about-to-be first-graders through their own back-to-school jitters.

AJ’s Review:

She’s going to first grade and wants to be with her friend, but they are in different classes. They are sad, but meet new friends, then they are all friends. The new friends are twins, I know twins, but they are a boy and girl. Twins means you are born at the same time.

Mommy says I have to stay I’m going into first grade like the girl. I’m a first grader.

Mommy’s Review:

The book’s writing and premise is based on “The Night Before Christmas” which is cute. Apparently there are a bunch of books The Night Before for each stage in a kid’s life. Too bad adults can’t have books like that…The Night Before I get paid, ….A New Job, …..My Wedding, …..I Gave Birth, …..Everyone Got The Stomach Bug.

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  1. Wow! AJ is going into 1st grade! How exciting! The premise of the story is exactly what happened to my daughter in 1st grade – she got separated from her best friends. But, just like in the book, she ended up making new friends. Now she’s friends with everyone regardless of what class she ends up in.
    The story nails it! Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop! 🙂

    • I know 1st grade…it’s too crazy. I know they will mix up the kindergarten classes and AJ will have to make new friends while keeping old ones.

  2. Hey! Stopping by from KidsLit Blog Hop, I really love your book review. I am a blogger too and I share my daughter’s reviews of books she actually has kind of taken over my youtube channel with her reviews lol. Your post intrigued me because my daughter will be starting first grade in the fall and it is a little nerve wrecking for her because this is her first year going to school. She was homeschooled for kindergarten. We may have to check out this book!

    • THanks so much for stopping by and can;’t wait to see her video reviews. It’s scary starting a new school, but she will love it. There’s so many great things about first grade. Kindergarten was more about getting them ready for a school setting, now they will have their own desks and hoepfully learn science and social studies as well.

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