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First Grade, Here I Come!


Amazon Summary:

After the first day of first grade, Henry’s not sure how he feels about it. The teacher isn’t like his kindergarten teacher, and the fifth-graders hog the monkey bars. But as Henry tells his mother about a new friend who likes soccer and about how he’ll learn to read books, he begins to realize that maybe first grade won’t be so bad after all.

AJ’s Review:

He tells his mommy about his first day of first grade. He likes some things and doesn’t like others. I love my kindergarten teacher and don’t want to have another teacher, but Mommy says I will love my new teacher too. I want to learn really cool things in school too. 

Mommy’s Review:

Cute set up, with the little boy explaining to his mom how the first day went. He compares and contrasts kindergarten to first grade. I introduced AJ to a venn diagram and he did really well with comparing and contrasting the two grade levels.

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  1. This sounds like a cute book. Kudos to you, Mama, for introducing AJ to the venn diagram. I think he’ll see these quite often in 1st grade, I used them for my 1st grader (excuse me now 2nd grader) this past school year. 🙂

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