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Bunny Loves to Read

We were going to review another first grade book, but we would have not given it good reviews. AJ immediately felt it was a kindergarten book with just first grade on the cover. I didn’t think it was fair to give a bad review, so we are going to skip it. If you really want to know the book, in order to avoid buying it then email me.


Amazon Summary:

Bunny loves to read, but his friends want him to play outside with them…until it rains, and they all discover what fun reading and pretending can be.

AJ’s Review:

I like to read like Bunny, but his friends only wnat to play outside. They don’t like books or reading. He shows them cool books and they read and want to read more.  

Mommy’s Review:

A wonderful book with amazing illustrations. All of Bunny’s friends hate reading, but Bunny shows them the loves, mysteries, suspense, and magic of reading. Soon they want to read books too. An amazing book that proves the power of reading. 

AJ has read twenty-eight books so far. Some books are on his reading level and other books are pictures books that I read to him. Some say that those don’t count, but if you know AJ from all his book posts you know he keeps reading the books. You read a book to him once, he recalls just about every word on each page then will reread it to himself over and over. Besides, reading is MORE than just decoding, it’s comprehending what’s on the page.


Reading 10 books – prize is poster

10 books

Reading 20 books – prize is coupon for ice cream20 books

Kid Lit Blog Hop

What are your kids reading? 


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  1. I totally agree about summer reading programs and as of right now my girls also have read at least one book a night and am so happy that they are not only reading with me, but enjoying it. And am going to check your suggestion out, as well once again 🙂

  2. Summer reading programs are, indeed, wonderful and there are so many out there that any child can find the one that’s right for them. I love Bunny Love to Read and the way it encourages kids to love it, too. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I love the reward system you have set up for summer reading! We’re still trying to grow our family of two into a family of three, and I love gleaning ideas from book-loving moms in the meantime. Bunny Loves to Read and its companion book, Bunny Loves to Write, are two I’ve already added to my children’s book library. (Thank you, $5 book bin at Kroger!)

    • I wish I could take credit, but that;s our library system. AJ knows he must read no matter what. They have a Bunny writes? Really? so getting that one.

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