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Amazon Summary:

In this gentle picture book fantasy, a child’s world transforms through his hard work, imagination, and persistence when he opens the door and steps outside, into to the brave new world of his imagination

AJ’s Review:

His brother doesn’t want to play with him, so he uses his imagination. Then his brother comes out and plays with him. I really like the illustrations, they are cool. 

Mommy’s Review:

I know a book about snow???? But that is one of the books AJ wanted to borrow from the library. He loves getting to pick three picture and/or non fiction books as long as he picks three books on his reading level.

What a great book to encourage being patient and using your imagination.  

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  1. I like the cover illustration, and the fact that it’s about patience makes me want to check it out now (even though it’s 90 degrees!). Thanks for sharing!

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