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Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 13 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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  • Mommy: AKA Karen, me…the wife and mom 
  • Daddy: AKA Tony, husband and dad
  • AJ – our only child, a 6 year old boy who thinks he knows it all and is the one in charge


Once in our hotel room, Tony made a phone call I heard him talking to staff about the safe. 

I looked at him thinking something was wrong with the safe. “I called, the safe is not working. I have to call back and get someone hear. The guy on the phone said it’s difficult to set.” 

I walked over, thinking that hotel safe’s are all pretty much the same. I was correct and set it up in less than a minute. 

“It’s all done. The combination number is ####.”

“You did it? You figured it out? How?”

“Ummmm, I followed the directions.”

After being too scared, then trying it once, AJ rocked the outdoor slide. In the video he asks us to catch him, but the other times he just wanted us to stand there. 

On the way home from vacation I had to stop by the local store to get food for tonight’s dinner. AJ got very mad, he wanted to go home immediately, therefore he had a major meltdown in the. He was screaming, crying, kicking and pulling my hair all from the backseat. Pulling over did nothing, he was in an irrational mood at this point (and over tired). 

“I want to go home now. It’s not fair. Take me home or I’ll have an attitude.” on repeat 

Mind you I got back in the car, in less than five minutes since it’s a small organic market. AJ was screaming the entire time I was in the store, kicking, and hitting everything in his reach. 

“You lied. You were longer than five minutes. I’m tired and I’m mad.” on repeat


AJ wanted to watch cartoons that looked like they were for kids, but it really was for adults. He was naturally upset. After complaining for twenty minutes he settled on Doozers on Hulu Plus. “I’m mad and I don’t like this.”

“Then watch another show.”

“Stop talking, I can’t hear the TV.”


text conversation

FYI: I’m the brown speech bubble and Tony is the blue

If you never see or hear from Tony again, it’s probably because he made one of these comments again…

  • “Another meal got away from you Karen?” 
  • “Oh, I get it. It’s that time again.”
  • “Yup, you’re being your hormonal self.”
  • “Why does he get to do that?” (pointing to AJ…the 6 year old)   
  • “Just because he’s six and I’m forty is not a good enough reason.”

Life with AJ:

AJ earned his blue stripe belt, after remember his three moves. The next step is green. This is going to be long stretch as he has to remember all the moves from previous levels. In addition to that he has to do an hour of cardio before he even begins his test.

A sensei that assists was checking in kids and said to AJ. “I remember you. You always say thank you sir. I like that.” 

He was tested by different sensei than has been at previous tests. 

“Hi, you are new and don’t know me. My name is AJ, it’s hard to remember, but you’ll get it.”

karate collage

AJ and I made new crayons from melted ones. We tried to use bright and light colors. They came out great. For a week straight he had to show them to everyone we met. AJ LOVES to talk, so he gave a detailed explanation of how we made them.

crayon collage

I created a garden using an old plastic pool. I cut holes in the bottom and planted tomatoes, dill, basil, peppermint, and parsley. We also planted peppers, but they didn’t grow. Going to get two pools next time. Most of the soil was from my compost!!!!

AJ loved to eat the tomatoes, right off the vines.

watering plants2

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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.


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