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Ready? Set. Raymond


Amazon Summary:

Raymond likes to do everything fast–from brushing his teeth to going to school to making new friends. In three easy-to-read stories, readers follow Raymond on a typical super-fast day, see him make a new friend, and run a race!

AJ’s Review:

Raymond likes to go fast, talk fast, eat fast like me. He does everything fast, but he needs to slow down. Then he meets a new girl and wants to make friends, he brings her cookies. It’s nice to share. She yells his name in the race and he wins, because he’s fast. He gets his new sneakers dirty, but he’s happy he ran. 

My Pop Pop’s name is Raymond, but he’s not fast. 

Mommy’s Review:

A cute Step up to Reading book. Even though it;s a level 2 and a bit harder, AJ enjoys listening to it and trying to read the phrases and words he knows. It has three stories that are all related and cute to read. I love that, like AJ, Raymond does everything too fast. He loves that part. 


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    • he’s so quick to use a similar instead of sounding it out…but I know he does better at school. having other kids around you is a good motivator, being home iwth mommy makes him lazy.

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