Jack O’Llantern Quesadilla

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Jack O’Lantern Quesadilla 

~ refried pinto beans
~ shredded cheese
~ two large tortillas
~ butter

~ mix refried beans and shredded cheese
~ butter cast iron skillet and lay one large tortilla down
~ layer bean and cheese mix on tortilla
~ cut out face on other tortilla and place on top **** you will have to move cheese from open spaces so it doesn’t burn when you flip the tortilla over****
~ flip over so it evenly cooks on both sides
~ Serve and enjoy

AJ LOVED helping me cut the eyes, nose and mouth. Then when he got to use the pizza cutter to slice up the Jack O’Lantern he was thrilled, even laughed like a mad scientist. He took great pleausre in eating the eyes first, then the mouth. 

halloween quesadilla

halloween quesadilla2Sorry no pic of AJ ripping into his Jack O’Lantern Quesadilla, we were having too much fun eating. I will leave you with the link to the recipe and other Halloween recipes for kids.

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  1. I loved making special dinners like this for Halloween. It was something my girls always looked forward to… “What will Mom make this year?” It’s a good way to make sure the kids eat something with protein before they head out to eat candy all evening:)

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