AJ Reviews: Vera’s Halloween


AJ reads and reviews Vera’s Halloween. This was a perfect choice from his school library! 

Author: Vera Rosenberry

Illustrator: Vera Rosenberry

Amazon Summary:

Vera is finally big enough to go trick-or-treating after dark, and this year she is dressed as a mummy! When one of her tissue bandages unravels, she stops to fix it only to discover that her family accidentally left her behind. As Vera searches for them, it starts to rain. How will she keep her bandages from falling apart? How will she find her way home?

Getting separated from loved ones can be a scary experience for children. In her reassuring way, Vera Rosenberry evokes the atmosphere of a spooky yet magical Halloween, and the comfort that comes when reuniting with loved ones.

AJ’s Review:

That’s not a nice daddy to lose her. He needs to watch her like my daddy watches me. 

Her mommy will be mad at the daddy for losing her. Then it started to rain and snow. I would be very scared. That was a nice friend to give her food and clothes. 

Mommy’s Review:

See, always listen to your mother, even if she tells you to take a jacket at the worst times. AJ got really upset that the daddy lost Vera and she was all alone, scared, and cold. 

Reading this book was perfect for AJ. It reinforced why he needs to stay close to us and what could happen if he did get lost. I explained that Vera was very lucky she ended up at a friend’s house who she could trust. I always tell him there are bad people out there who might take him away, pinch him, hit him, and never feed him. Yes, it may be scary, but he needs to know WHY he has to stay close to us! He needs to know we’re not just saying this to be mean, but because we love him and want to keep him safe. 

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