Honey Rosemary Chicken

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Crock Pot Honey Rosemary Chicken

found the delicious recipe here 

rosemary honey chicken plate2Ingredients:
~ full chicken breasts
~ broccoli
~ 1/3 cup honey
~ 1/2 cup olive oil
~ 1/2 cup of Italian balsamic dressing
~ 4 tbs of rosemary
~ 1 tsp salt
~ 3 garlic cut finely
~ tin foil
~ 3/4 cup water

~ roll about ten balls of aluminum foil into crock pot
~ mix honey, dressing, water, rosemary, salt, garlic, and olive oil.
~ place chicken on tin foil, then broccoli on top
~ pour mixture on top of chicken and broccoli
~ set on low for 7-8 hours

PERFECTLY PAIRED with overly buttered couscous. 

rosemary honey chicken3

rosemary honey chicken anthony

AJ loved it, Hubby loved and went for seconds! This from a man who ‘hates” couscous! This might be one of my new favorites!


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  1. Ooh. I’ve never used balsamic in a crock pot/slow cooker. I will try it. When we moved into our new home, we didn’t have a working stove top, so I used the crock pot a lot. I’ve grown to really love it. Thanks for the recipe.

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