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if only

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My subject is: You can choose one thing that will happen in 2016 that will rock your world, what is it and why did you make that choice? It can be a dream or a nightmare come true.

It was submitted by: http://www.southernbellecharm.com

What big change do I want to happen? I want to win the lottery! Yes, you read that right. It may sound like a selfish and typical, but it’s my wish and I’m sticking with it.

If I won the lottery, I’m talking about a few million after taxes, I’d plan on LOTS of things. First off, I would pay off all our debt and start fresh. Then I’d buy a house in the town and school zone we live are already living in. When I say buy it, I mean buy it outright so we’d never have to worry about a mortgage payment. Then I’d dump a huge sum of money into AJ’s college fund.

Once that was settled, I’d give money to both sets of parents for all their help and to both my sister and sister-in-law and their husbands. I’d give money to my two nephews and niece to help build up their college funds.

I would also invest. In what? Well I’d have to sit down with a financial planner and figure that one out. Would I keep working? Maybe, maybe not. If I had lots left over I could buy some properties, fix them up and resell. Or I could keep working and add all that money to our retirement, AJ’s college fund, and finally go on all the trips we wanted…including a family trip to Italy.

I am sure everyone I know will have their hands out for money. I am sure no matter how hush-hush I keep it, people would know we won and would think of a million reasons to borrow or ask for money. We would be easy targets for others and it would be easy to spend it all on things we always wanted. It would take budgeting and serious will power to keep with our plans and not blow through the money and be left in debt again.


If Only — 9 Comments

  1. So, do you actually PLAY lotto? Sorry, I had to ask 😉
    Just promise me one thing: when you actually go on that trip to Europe, stop in Switzerland, so we can chat!
    Happy new year, Karen!

  2. Yes! I’d have to give it some thought, but I think I’d answer the same way!! Only, I’d want several billions of dollars. I have so many charities I need to help!!

  3. I completely understand wanting to win the lottery, and I think it’s very consistent with your values that you’ve got saving for college and helping family right up there on your to-do list!

  4. You have to play this weekend!! The Powerball is up to 700mill!! I’d love to win that, I’d also like to remain somewhat normal if I did. I’d like my kids to still know what work is, but not have to hustle like my husband and I have. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could both hit. 🙂

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