Cupid’s catnip laced arrow hits a dog. What happens?


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My subject is: Cupid’s catnip laced arrow hits a dog. What happens?

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TV shows everywhere stopped airing and suddenly a news bulletin flashed on the screen. Reporters faces, respective to their cities, appeared on the screen.

“We have a breaking news story just in time for Valentines Day. All over town dogs and cats in shelters are barking and meowing to get free of their cages and cuddle with each other. Let me clarify, they don’t want to be with their own species. No, each dog wants to find a cat and each cat wants to find a dog.

Reports are also coming in from various households that the same strange pairings are happening there as well.

There is no need to panic or call the police or fire department.


We have millions, yes millions of tweets and posts on Facebook about this very subject. people are using the hashtag #LoveIsLove. Even households without both a dog and cat are reporting that the opposite species is sitting outside their house begging to get in.

Others are posting that the fur-members of their household who have barely tolerated each other are suddenly best friends.”

There is no apparent harm to the animals or their humans. Rather once the cats and dogs are paired up  and cuddling, they seem to be happy. Perhaps love is really in the air on this Valentine’s Day or maybe Cupid made a big mistake. Either way it all boils down to Love is Love.

Please send in your pictures of your cats and dogs cuddling. We not only want to keep accurate records, but we must admit, they are just so cute.

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  1. hahaha…I did have a dog and 3 cats. TRUST ME when I say they tolerated one another. However, one of my cats ONLY wanted to cuddle with the dog and followed her relentlessly! Poor dog, she tolerated it but you could tell she was not happy.

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