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My subject is: What do you do when you are in a public place and see someone treating a waitress/cashier, etc. rudely? Do you do/say anything or just wish you did?

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Most often I want to just scream WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU???? Hell, I want to scream that a few times each day. I usually just scream it in my head and wish I could be like Nilma from Raising Helen. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that every time someone is rude, smug, arrogant, or takes advantages of others.

I usually just make snarky comments about the situation to the person who was verbally attacked.

Both Tony and I have said, out loud, to wait staff, clerks, and cashiers how bad we feel for them or can’t believe they were treated like that. We don’t speak directly to the crazy people. You just never know these days, but passive-aggressive, snarky comments always work.

Sometimes Tony will make ask for an insane favor or just say I thought it was your job to do be treated that way, to make the person laugh and try to make them feel better.

I normally am a nice person, despite what Tony may say. I try to treat everyone respectfully. The problem is my inner thoughts and feelings show on my face. I really can’t hide I feel, because it’s written all over my face. Outraged, angered, confused, amused, curious, or surprised…you can see it all.

Or maybe I can be like Mrs. Weasley and destroy all the crazies? Love her crazy, mama bear, don’t mess with me face at the end.

If my son was in charge, he’d sing this all day.It’s pretty darn true. I should start singing this when people are rude.


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Don’t Be a Jerk — 8 Comments

  1. Happened at the post office the other day. I said to the rude customer when he was finally done “I’m glad it’s my turn now. I’ll make sure the nice lady behind the counter gets to smile again. You have a “nice” day!” Of course he didn’t reply.
    I congratulated the clerk for dealing with jerks like this on a daily basis, and we joked about the full moon.

  2. Man! Molly Weasley is not someone to mess with…or should I say the children (and loved ones) of Molly Weasley are not to be messed with when she’s around!

  3. I’m one of those crazy people that speaks up. Like who do you think you are?! Calm down. Go drink coffee or take a nap. Etc etc Now, I’m a mom and folks these days are crazy. If Gigi is with me, I do nothing. If she’s not with me, I assess the potential danger. I’m way more cautious. Good for you for being cautious, and doing your best to cheer the person up afterward!!!

  4. Sadly, these days people are way too comfortable being rude to others. And unfortunately you could take your life into your hands saying something. I go with the snarky comments too, they’re the safest way to show disapproval.

  5. I’ve been a server and it sucks to be treated that way. You’re right though you never know these days and especially if you’re sitting there with your child things could get scary real quick. I do the same as you.

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