Organizing His Bedroom

organizng anthonys room

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I’m using:

umbrella ~ puddles ~ washer ~ mop ~ mess ~ bath
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There is a tendency for Anthony to throw his toys all over his room. He likes to make a mess, as long as he cleans it up I don’t care. We had to move some furniture around, remove a play kitchen and taller dresser, and add two tall book shelves (only $10 each) at a garage sale.

Now he has more room to play, but doesn’t like to play in his room alone. He’s going through a phase right now and is scared of being alone. He likes to have one of us in there with him, as an umbrella of safety.

I told AJ if is table is clear, I would have no problem with letting him eat and drink in his room. As long as he doesn’t spill anything. I don’t want to have a piles of food and puddles of water all over. It would be a huge pain to clean and mop it all up. At least all his clothes can all be thrown in the washer and he can be given a bath.

Someone said I should prank him for April Fool’s Day by removing turning some furniture around, but I don’t believe in mean pranks on that day. Besides it would be hard work for me to do it, then fix it all.

Eventually I’d love to get him a bunk bed with an office and storage underneath. If we need an extra bed, we can buy a blow up mattress and only take it out when needed.

Since we took out the tall dresser, I put all his clothes in the the closet. His pajamas and underagarmetns are in teh dresser with sheets and pillow cases. All pants and sweatshirts are in the sweater organizer. Jackets, coats, hoodies, and all types of shirts are hanging in order in the closet. This way he can see everything and decide what he wants to wear

In his room he has a spot for…

  • all his cars
  • hanging basket for stuffed animals
  • bookshelves for books
  • bookshelf for art supplies
  • rolling cart for Legos, which can be moved around, see this post
  • basket for imagination toys

In his closet he has space for…

  • his Star Wars toys
  • all sorts of figures
  • dinosaurs
  • guns and swords
  • sparring gear for karate
  • overnight bag

His closet seems messy, but it’s organized. I could probably use a larger rolling cart for the closet to store his figures and dinosaurs. I’ll just  had that to list “when we have extra money”.

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Organizing His Bedroom — 6 Comments

  1. There’s a saying in German “wer aufräumt, ist nur zu faul zum suchen” which means those who clean up are just too lazy to look for things ;-)))
    So “messy” is a relative term, really.
    Love the plastic organizer thingies you put on the closet doors! They come in so handy for all the small, cluttery stuff!

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