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What urban legends are there about places in your city or state?

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So it was both creepy and interesting looking up and reading the urban legends for where I live. Here are some good ones I found in NY/CT area. I got them from

Leatherman: a tale of a harmless man who would wonder all around upper Westchester County NY, parts of Putnam County NY, and parts of CT. No one really knew his history, but some stories say that he left his home because of a broken heart. Of all the theories, I think the most chilling one is that his wealthy parents did not approve of his fiancee. One day she was murdered and he knew his parents did. His heart was broken and his mind goine, so he left to never stay in one place again. And yes, he wore brown leather all the time. He was found dead in cave in the winter of 1889.

 “He would stop in a different locale each day and come to the kitchen door of farmhouses, looking for food. In A History of the Town of Lewisboro by the Lewisboro History Book Committee and historian Alvin R. Jordan, Miss M. Louise Bouton, born in 1889, recalled that the Leatherman “came around once a year…always to the east side of the house. He would knock on the leader drainpipe. Mother would give him coffee and some sandwiches. He would say, ‘Thank you so much, lady,’ but never look at you. He was dressed all in brown leather. No one was afraid of him.””


Hermitess of the Salems: They say her heart was broken as well, perhaps from a sailor who died at sea. Another therory is that she was driven from her home by pludering  soldiers. She arrived in North Salem around 1780 and walked around North and South Salem, NY and perhaps parts of Ridgefield, CT. She survived off the land and lived in caves. She would wander around, but of course dress up for church!

“According to A History of the Town of Lewisboro, she was variously described as “a slender young woman of fair complexion and graceful figure” and as a “thin, ghostly, old woman, bent and wrinkled”…who walked with a “gliding, noiseless movement, which seemed to ally her to the spirit world.” Living in a cave will do that to you. She died in a snowstorm in 1809 or 1810.”

Granny Brown the Witch: Granny Brown lived some time after the Revolutionary War in South Salem, NY. If others didn’t do her bidding she would put hexes on them. This alone makes me want to do more research on my town history which is so close to South Salem. Others say she wasn’t a witch, but rather an old, nosy and crabby lady with lots of bad luck.

“Don’t believe she was a witch? Legend has it that a witch could not die as long as someone was watching. When Granny took sick, the good wives of the neighborhood, even though she was nasty and universally disliked, kept watch and looked in on her daily. One day, Granny asked the woman sitting with her to fetch her a cool drink of water from the well outside. When the neighbor returned to Granny’s bedside, the old woman had died.”

Okay, these were kind of cool, but I was expecting more. Compared to the books I’ve read, this is nothing. Speaking of books, I love to read sick and twisted crime thrillers. Not that I never read sweet and romantic fiction, but they do get boring. I will always go back to a twisted story for a good read.

Some end in a predictable way, others not at all how I expected, and a few leave me on edge for a while.These are just a few, check out all my book reviews on GOODREADS to see if one of the 219 book I’ve read might interest you. Or you can check out all my book reviews I’ve blogged about HERE.

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Books that require a strong stomach and brave heart. 


5 STARS: Full of twisted, sick, horrific, torture and pain. Not at all how I saw this ending, but an amazing read if you can handle it. WOW! You just never know who people really are. 


Book 2 (4 STARS) and 3 (5 STARS) in a series and can’t wait to read more. The detectives deal with the sickest crimes and crime scenes. These criminals are insane and in the most unexpected places, yet the detectives keeping finding ways to move forward. 

5 STARS: A great read! The more I read, the more I knew why the Langley’s were murdered…but the characters’ journey there was so worth the wait.A great read! One secret, one wrong choice, one mistake and you could create a set of events that could destroy lives.


5 STARS: I knew it was all connected but never would have thought THAT!!! My mind is going to explode…seriously…WOW. A MUST READ if you love psychological thrillers and mind f*cks. I bow to the evil, twisted, and genius mind of Harlan Coben


5 STARS: Another total mind f#ck by Harlan Coben…this one I kind of knew the ending as it got closer. How could you do that to the ones you love. WOW…poor Will to be kept in the dark about it all. Another must read…seriously that good. 

5 STARS: As usual Coben f*cks with your mind…I would never expected THAT ending. Wow! So worth the…if you can handle the suspense and drama it’s worth the read. Towards the end I was screaming like a banshee…so scared that it would end a certain way.  Never doubt a son’s love for his mother. Always trust your instincts.


4 STARS: Okay at first I was hoping this would pick up speed. It was slow moving and I thought Nadine would NEVER get the truth or save her daughter. Then POW…it all comes to a BIG EXPLOSION. WOW…A must read. GO NADINE!

If only her mom was strong enough or if her brother had opened up to her. She keeps being told that she pushes too much, but if it wasn’t for that evil f*cker would have NEVER been brought down. What a tragedy, but also a somewhat happy ending. 


5 STARS: Wow, what a book. It truly sickened me how much hate one person can have for another and how some people are truly evil. I was terrified the book would end one way and was shocked when it took a completely different turn. I will say that I cheered quite loud when those who deserved to die, did. In the end, despite the twisted and sick nature, the pure evil in the book, it truly is a must read if your heart and soul can handle it.


5 STARS: What a book, I had an idea, but it wasn’t easy idea to get to. Some books are poorly written and so easy to identify the killer and mystery. But not Lisa, she leads you there but with more questions than answers…even when you are partially right you are still tricked and amazed.

What a situation, what a story, what an ending. I had to pullover I was screaming and laughing…the last word had so much damn meaning. WOW!


5 STARS: WTF????? THIS IS CRAZY IN 3D! Wow, what a trip into crazy land. Okay, if you want a book that is going to make you sick and want to walk away, but you can’t because you NEED to know what the f&ck is going on and why no one else sees the truth.

I knew who it was halfway through the story, I can’t blame Camille for not realizing it, she was so deep in it, so sadly twisted and destroyed by her mother.

For calmer books, these might appeal to you

5 STARS: WOW…what a douche Joe is, no he’s worse than a douche. He needs to be destroyed and left broke living on the streets. LOVE how we get a glimpse into their futures…I won’t tell you what happens, but that it is worth reading. Oh Alice, at first I wanted to smack the sh*t out of her for being so dense. Then I realized she was helpless to his evil charms, just like the rest of them were. Glad she got what she wanted…and that is all I will say.


Historical Fiction:

5 STARS: At first I was worried as it was a slow and tedious beginning, then it slowly builds up and all you want to know is how they will survive on that ship.  I was sobbing at the end, I never thought it would ever end like that. Perfection. You come to know the women, love some of them, hate others, pray all their journey’s are not for waste, hope each one finds happiness, and get sickened that society and it’s views of men and women have NOT CHANGED AT ALL!

5 STARS: The entire time I read this I was screaming, whooping, yelling gibberish unable to control my emotions. A total on the edge of your seat read! So suspenseful and grips at your emotions. Seriously, I was screaming like a lunatic in my car…people must have thought I was a whack job.


5 STARS: Historical Fiction:

LOVED THIS! LOVED THIS! LOVED THIS! What a amazing read and beautiful historical fiction. I finished it with a new love of the United States. The sacrifices everyone made was humbling and emotional. We forget that our founding fathers and mothers were humans just like us. We forget that beyond the what the history books tell us they had lives, made sacrifices, loved, lost, and made choices all for their freedom and ours. God Bless America!


5 STARS: Historical Fiction:

It will only really make sense to you if you have read The Midwife’s Revolt. We finally understand who Eliza is, how she was raised, her awful past and why she made the choices she did.  I have a new found respect for Eliza, a new respect. She really did become a good person, when she became “bad” in her mother’s eyes and society’s views.
I knew they would all be reunited, but had not thought it would end like that.  Also a lesson for everyone, we are all Americans. We all have put in energy and effort into our country and should all enjoy the freedom, not just those deemed better than others.


5 STARS: Like one of the characters said, it’s better to have a slow burn than a quick blaze. This is exactly, it’s a predictable, but beautiful romance and finding yourself. Love the setting, characters, and fate leading you in the direction you are meant to be.

5 STARS: OMG…wow…I cried, laughed, and shouted.

I am glad I gave THIS a second chance…. What a journey they all have been through. Will Holly finally leave Marcus? Will Ana and Paul finally have a child? Will Olivia find love? Will Saffron have the life she wants? I so want to share the ending………but I won’t spoil it for you. But I will tell you I LOVED the ending…it ends as it should. Tom brought them all together when they needed each other the most.


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  1. This makes me want to look up the urban legends in my area. We’ve probably got lots of Civil War stories here.

  2. I loved Big Little Lies. So good! And I’m looking forward to reading the newest Karin Slaughter, so no spoilers. 😉

    You East Coasters and your witches… *sigh*

    Around here we have skinwalkers – nasty buggers, you ask me. You should look them up (and not the movie kind either).

    • OMG, Pretty Girls???? Yeah that was a great book, but a strong stomach is needed.

      I know, all about witches up here! LOL. I looked up skin walkers and I wish I didn’t….cries.

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