Spring Themed Book Tag

Spring Themed Book Tag

When winter started last year, I shared a fun little post full of books with some kind of winter theme.  It was so much to put together, and even, more fun to see what everyone else came up with.  I had hoped to get a Spring list put together for when Spring began, but somehow it did not happen.  Well, never fear because I have pulled it together now!

Here is the deal, below you will find six categories that fit spring, and a book for each category that I picked.  Now this does not mean I am recommending the book, just that it the category.  The fun part is, after you check out my list, you get to create your own!  Just copy the categories and add your book.  It’s so easy because you can pick books based on the cover, other’s recommendations, or even books you read years ago (to be honest, I’d love to see someone do the entire list with only board books…).

So here we go!

1. Spring Showers: What would spring be without the life-giving showers that are a sure sign that spring is here?  Share a book that is a quick read and sure to lift your spirits. When in Doubt, Add Butter by Beth Harbison 

Not a lot to do with rain, but definitely a quick read and happy ending. 


2. Colorful Flowers: After the showers come beautiful flowers of all colors.  Pick a book that has a pretty flower or floral pattern somewhere on the cover.  If You Only Knew by Kristen Higgins      

Definitely  a book with pretty flowers and great read, really enjoyed the overall theme and how plot. 


3. Shades of Green: Between the grass, the leaves on the trees, and all of the new flowers, there are so many shades of green everywhere in spring.  Can you think of a book that is driven by conflict over money?  True Evil by Greg Iles    


Oh boy, talk about conflict over money, power, and greed. This book sure has it, but not for those with a week stomach! Great read though!


4. Picnics & Strolls in the Park: After months of being stuck inside there is nothing like an escape to the park. Share a book that has an iconic scene in a park – or at least a book that has a scene in a park that was vivid to you.  The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty 

Oh boy is the scene at the park is pretty darn important. There might be a few others, but this one gives this book its “Oh Sh*t” moment.


5. All Things Fresh & New: Spring is the season for new, share a book that has caught your eye this season and is brand new – even if you haven’t read it yet, or might not ever!  A Window Opens by Elishabeth Egan  

This was published last year, so not that new, but really wanted to read this. As I read mostly crime suspense and thrillers, this book is quite new and fresh for me. All about a working mom who is is burning the candle at both ends…just like me. I’m reading it now, and ready for her to put her selfish husband in his place.


6. Running Shoes, Flip-flops, Sandals, Rain bootsYou have to admit the selection for footwear goes up significantly in the Spring.  Pick a book that showcases a foot or shoe on the cover.  Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer 

A beautiful and emotional book. So many stories all mixed into one…a great beach read!


Thanks for the tag Marissa!

A Tag post is no fun unless you tag some others to join in!  So here are my tags:

Now it’s your turn!  Feel free to copy the categories above, and create your own tag post.  Don’t forget to tell those you tag to join in the fun!

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