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My subject is:

“Nothing personal, but…”

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Warning this post contains cursing. This prompt was like a loaded weapon, there were so many ways I could go with this and all included rage and cursing.

Nothing personal, but you are a major a** hat. Why? This is why…

Learn how to make a left turn…you are NOT supposed to drive over the yellow line. You are not the only person on the road douche drinker.

Since we are speaking about left turns genius, don’t pull all the way out so you can make a left turn after the light turns red. YOU ARE KEEPING ME FROM MAKING MY LEFT TURN when I get the arrow f*ckface.

Please use your flipping signal moron, we are not mind readers sh*t head.

Just so you know, driving practically on my bumper won’t make me go past the speed limit. In fact, it will only make me drive slower if I have some extra time. While your chilling behind me, why don’t you eat your own *ss.

Oh and while your at it, take that phone you are talking and texting on and shove it straight up your dumb *ss.

I really don’t care how much your car cost, you DO NOT own the road or are more important than anyone else. In case you haven’t noticed, your shit stinks like everyone else’s you arrogant f*ck.

Clean off your damn car when it snows. It’s not only dangerous and stupid, it’s illegal numb-nuts. I swear if my car gets damaged by your uncleaned ice, I will hunt you down and hurt you.

Yes, I need to be careful when I pull out of a spot in the parking lot, but that DOES’T mean you can walk behind my car after I start pulling out you c*nt. Are you looking to have your dumb *ss run over?

Don’t hit the pedestrian button then walk againt the light. Now the safe to walk sign comes on and there is no one there. So we all sit here int he car and wait for it to stop. Do you know how f*cking annoying that is? How rude and stupid is that? If you are going to hit the f*cking button than wait for it you f*ckface b*astard.

Okay, lets leave the road. Stop getting so upset by what you see on Facebook, ESPECIALLY if YOU have no problem posting all your religious and political opinions you selfish tw*t.

Speaking of selfish, clean up your dog’s sh*t f*cker. Seriously, that is one of the responsibilities of a being a dog owner. Don’t leave the dog’s shit on grass during walks or in the dog park. Most of all don’t pick it up just to leave the bag there. Stop being an arrogant d*ck.

Stop attacking other parents online. Seriously, you are FAR FROM PERFECT. We can’t be there like a hawk and when we are we are called helicopter parents. Parents made a tons of mistakes, accidents happened, and kids make stupid choices ALL BEFORE SOCIAL MEDIA. Now all the “perfect parents” and those who THINK they would make perfect parents are ready for the attack. No matter what parents do they are in the wrong and blamed for something. We have enough of our own guilt and stress, we don’t need to deal with you weirdos, freaks, and f*ckers. I doesn’t matter who breastfeeds or bottle feds, who works or doesn’t, who is an organic mom and who buys pre-made meals. Sure voice your opinions, but don’t attack or guilt. As long as our kids are loved and make it to adulthood without being a complete and utter *sshole that is all that matters.

Okay, I feel better now!

Anything you would add????

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Karen is married to a big kid and mom to a head strong, only child. She is happy with her family of three, along with their spoiled fur baby. Karen works full time as a teacher and still finds time to blog, read, crochet, and cook. Follow along as she enjoys this life.


Nothing Personal, But… — 7 Comments

  1. Nodding my head at every one of these. In fact, the whole first part of the post sounds like the monologue that goes on in my car while I’m driving. And the dog poop? Seriously? I’m about to call the police on my neighbors. Do you have any idea how it smells to be redistributing that stuff with my lawn mower if I don’t see it in time? Disgusting.
    Well, now you got me going . . ..

  2. Tell us how you really feel. LOL I love it. Get it all out.
    I hate reckless, dangerous, crappy drivers. Gigi will start saying dumba*s any second now. I’m forever calling other drivers idiot and dumba*s. I love this post. A ton of agreement on my part!! 💖 💖

  3. Hahahaha, Karen, I didn’t know you had it in you! So many *** words!
    And the dog poop seems to be haunting you lately! Something tells me we are gonna read more about it soon!
    I think you should get a couple of bumper stickers, like “I hate dumba** drivers! 😉

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