My Favorite Italian Foods

Top Ten Thursday 

Top Ten Favorite Italian Foods

In no particular order. Yes, pizza is good, but I wanted to list foods that I don;’t always get to eat.

  1. Zeppoles: Italian pastry consisting of a deep-fried dough ball


2. Tiramasu

recipe image

Source: COoking With Nonna


3. Anisette Cookies

anisette cookies

SOURCE: Italian Dessert Recipes


4. Ricotta Cheese Cookies

ricotta cheese cookies

SOURCE: Italian Dessert Recipes


5. Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari

SOURCE: Giada de Laurentis


6. Polenta

COLLAGE polenta and eggand cheese


polenta, sauce, sausage, cheese Collage


7. Chicken Parmigiana

SOURCE: My Italian Grandma


8. Mussels and Pasta

Italian Mussels & Pasta

SOURCE: Eating Well


9. Gnochi

Potato Gnocchi

SOURCE: Simply Recipes


10. Easter Meat Pie

SOURCE: King Arhtur Flour


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My Favorite Italian Foods — 4 Comments

  1. Ooooh, somebody has a sweet tooth! I was expecting the Zeppoles from you 🙂
    You remind me… I haven’t made Polenta in a while, even though I love it! I think I’m gonna make some for dinner tonight.
    Great list, getting only a little bit hungry over here! Thanks for playing!

  2. I need one of everything, except for the mussels, and two of other things. I almost put Tiramisu on my list!! Gnocchi is my favorite pasta ever. I use it in so many dishes, but my favorite is with butter and garlic. Calamari is my go to appetizer. Fantastic list. Ricotta cookies are AMAZING. So AMAZING. My Auntie makes a few versions. One is a coffee version. Best cookie I ever put in my mouth. Ever. Ugh. Now I’m hungry. LOL.

  3. You have so many items on your list that I’ve never heard of but that I want to try! The Zeppoles and Ricotta cookies sound amazing now that I know I love ricotta cheese. And I can’t believe I completely forgot polenta when I was writing out my list! Great choices! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Love your list, especially the sweet treats and I really need to try those fried dough balls. Love calamari, especially if you’re eating it by the sea as it makes the experience so much better.

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