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Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

At the end of this post you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what words they got and how they used them.

I’m using:

Great minds think alike ~ Hippocampus ~ Queen ~ Star

They were submitted by: http://berghamchronicles.blogspot.com  

Okay, another crazy rant of an overworked and exhausted mom. I hope this makes sense as you read the following.

What a collection of words, right? I actually had to look up hippocampus, I knew it was in the brain, but not sure what it did. According to numerous sites…. “The hippocampus is a small region of the brain that forms part of the limbic system and is primarily associated with memory and spatial navigation.” Okay, does that mean I have a small hippocampus because I am a huge klutz and can’t remember crap. Or maybe that is mom brain, or do moms have smaller hippocampuses after they have their first kids. Does each kid make the hippocampus even smaller, or it just shrinks once? I know I keep typing hippocampus, but it’s a funny word.

In all seriousness though, in diseases like Alzheimers, the hippocampus is the first to be damaged. To lose all your memories and not recognize family is truly debilitating and horrific.

Do you have a friend that when you just look at them you know you are on the same page. Well if you are, then great minds think alike. Okay, I know that was pretty lame. But seriously, don’t you love when you and your friend have the same ideas, you just know its meant to be. A good friend can make you feel like the Queen of life or the star of the show. Good friends don’t want to out shine you or embarrasses you. Rather they will join in your embarrassment or save the day.

Perhaps one day you were dancing like fools in the car, not trying to outdo each other, but make each other laugh and enjoy the moment. Or perhaps you and your friend were making fools of yourselves in Home Good. It couldn’t be helped when one of you saw the huge, red, round ornament. Who could have predicted that the older woman would be walking around the corner at the same time you were being lewd with the ball. No fear, it only made the moment even funnier.

I apologize for any hippocampus shrinking after reading this.

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  1. So any research that suggests what you can do to make sure your hippocampus is keeping in shape?
    I have no idea what you’re talking about, is this a Home Good commercial or just something you and your friend experienced?

  2. As an Alzheimer’s Caregiver hippocampus has great meaning for us. It’s sad to watch someone you love lose the memories that they have had for a lifetime. I love what you did with your words. Great job

  3. Wonderful post. Perfect use of your words. I loved it. The cysts in my brain are causing memory loss and other issues. I’ve become very intrigued by the brain, its parts, and how it works. Loved your post!! Those friends are the best kind!!

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