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Thanksgiving . . . you wake up and YOU are the main course, how do you convince your family that YOU are the turkey/ham and for them NOT to cook you?

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warning, this post might make you gag…or shiver, or laugh with me in demented glory. This was suck and awesome prompt, I couldn’t help but take it in this direction. The story I was going to write, was even gorier and I couldn’t finish it. 

Whoa this prompt is like an episode right out of American Horror Story. Have you seen this season? There is a big part that involves cannibalism. Seriously, people slicing other people up and forcing other victims to eat the sliced up skin and muscles.


Ready to barf yet?

So as I read this prompt that is all I could think about and I threw up in my mouth imagining myself in that situation. Then I thought about all the sick and twisted thrillers I have read. Messed up murders that systematically torture and rip apart victims, remove organs while they are still alive. But to imagine myself as the victim is just too much.


Then I thought about those few stories I heard about anesthesiologists messing up and the patients feeling everything on the operating table. Imagine being strapped to a table, unable to speak and you feel every slice, rip, tear, snip, organs being pulled and cut, then sewed back up. It’s a flipping horror movie, or right out of one of the books I read.


So the thought of being on the table sliced and served up as dinner made me sick to my stomach. Though it would make a great prompt for vegetarians and vegans, they could finally get people to stop eating meat.

I would pray for quick and painless death instead of a slow and torturous demise.

Sorry if eating turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce has forever been ruined…well I’m not that sorry. Actually I’m giggling at your horror! 

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