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My subject is:

Baby it’s cold outside? Are you a snow bunny having fun outdoors at this time of year, or do you prefer to be cozy inside?

It was submitted by: http://thelieberfamily.com     

I used to like the cold, used to crave the cold because I hated the summer. I hated the heat, the humidity, the constant sweating. Two years ago I posted on a Secret Subject Swap that I LOVED the winter over the summer. Oh boy how things have changed.

Now I can’t get warm enough. Now I hate driving in the snow, the slush, the ice. There are too many idiots who refuse to clean off their cars and cause accidents when their snow sheets hit other cars. There are too many morons driving like they are in Nascar in the middle of a snow storm.


I hate the fact that our driveway sucks and the garbage pails take up most of the driveway making it pretty impossible to pull in when I get home from work. I hate that our upstairs neighbor never does anything to help with keeping the driveway clear. I hate that our next door neighbor pushes her snow onto our driveway entrance, but complains when we get too close to her grass in the summer.

I hate that my schools hardly close and I am forced to figure out what to do with my son when I have to work. I hate when hubby has to go in for snow removal and I have to stay home and miss work.

In the cold and snow, I rather be at home. I rather be home on the couch reading a book, drinking hot coffee while the electric fireplace keeps us warm.



Go Away Cold — 18 Comments

  1. I love the cold and love winter. Hate summer as long as I can remember. We live in a tepid climate in the N West so it was quite the surprise this year that it has been 2 weeks of freezing temperatures and lots of snow. Love it.

  2. This is a typical example of how theory and practice are colliding. Winter is supposed this magical time when trees are covered in powdery snow, kids are having fun building snow people while grown-ups are enjoying hot beverages, cozy fires and good books. Instead everything you describe, happens. Boooo 🙁
    I do hope you will find a few magical moments this winter cause God knows it’s winter for a very long time…

  3. I am definitely more of a summer girl. The cold makes me sort of sad, and I mostly move from one artificial heat source to another (heated blanket, Costco heat dish, heated throw, heated car seats….)

    • this morning they had a delay and I rushed out at 6:30 only to have my husband call and say his boss called him in to shovel, so he was going to drag our 7yr old with him. Then 20 mins later, the boss called back to say it was just rain and not to come in. Too much stress on a school morning.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I hate hate hate the snow! There’s ten inches on my lawn right now and it makes me so angry to see. Summer can return any time now. I’ll happily skip the holidays just to be done with this shitty white stuff.

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