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My subject is:

Looking back at 2016, now that it’s finished, what is one thing you’d love to change about it?!  For just one event from 2016, you can rewrite history. What event do you pick, and how do you rewrite it?!

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Great prompt! Sure there are a few things I would like to change in 2016, but I am afraid if I change one thing then everything else would be affected. I’ve always felt like if I rewrite history, make one change then all of the things and people I love would be different all because I changed one bad thing.

I do wish AJ had stayed up later on New Year’s Eve. I had hoped that if he stayed up later than 9:56 than he would have slept later the next morning. Though in reality, my son is an early riser, always has been, always will be. It’s nice to dream, though right? He woke up at 5:50. **sighs**

Our little family did have an awesome New Year’s Eve though. I planned lots of activities for each hour. That broke up a long night and made us interact as a family. It sure was perfect. We started off by having some picture fun.


I saw a few ideas on Pinterest for kids during the New Year’s Eve night. A few different versions showed writing activities on strips of paper, rolling them up and putting them in a flat balloon, blowing up the balloon, then writing the date on the balloon. AJ had a blast taking each one down at the right time and popping them by sitting on them.


4 pm: AJ had to interview two people. He could have called up anyone he wanted, but he chose to interview us. We had to answer 1. What did we love about this year? 2. What do we wish we did? 3. What is a goal for 2017?


5 pm: AJ had to make a New Year’s Eve ball. We used a blown up globe and covered it in wrapping paper. It was amusing and festive.


6 pm: We each had a sheet of paper with 11 things to find in the house. We all had the same list, just in a different order. It was fascinating hearing what each other found.


7 pm: We each had to use a straw to move 10 M&Ms from a napkin to a bowl. I’ll admit I was a bit competitive and wanted to beat Tony, which caused Anthony to feel awful since he only got one in the bowl. Tony and AJ played again and I made sure I helped AJ beat his Daddy. Next time I think we should do it with 40 and set a timer for one minute.


8 pm:  Balloon Volleyball was hysterical. Not only were we playing with a balloon, but we had to keep Bonus away from it. She wanted to kill it and when she finally got a hold of it she scared herself by biting it and popping it.


9pm: We each had to draw 5 things we think will happen in 2017. This was sure fun to not only draw, but share our predictions with each other.


AJ fell asleep at 9:56, two minutes after telling Tony he was excited about the 10:00 balloon. After setting my timer for 11:55, I fell asleep as well. I woke up both guys, Tony yelled at me and Anthony was confused and just gave dirty looks.

After I “forced” them to watch the ball drop, Tony grumbled back to bed and Anthony went back to sleep only to wake up at 5:50.

All in all, I think we had the best New Year’s Eve in a long time. I need to make even better activities for next year. Looking forward to having another quiet and entertaining night with my family of three next New Years.



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  1. LOVE your NYE activities, you did a very nice job putting them together and blogging about them! I pinned it to my board. Such a shame you guys fell asleep though. What would the 10 and 11pm assignments have been?

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