AJ Reviews: Galazy Zack-Three is a Crowd


Zack is thrilled when he finds out that his best friend on Earth, Bert Jones, is going to visit him on Nebulon. Zack can’t wait to show Bert around the new planet, as well as his new school. But when Bert meets Drake, Zack’s best friend on Nebulon, some jealousy starts to brew. Drake feels left out when Zack and Bert tell stories from Earth and share inside jokes. And he feels even more left out when the three boys go to an amusement park on the planet Cisnos and Zack and Bert go on all the rides…without Drake. When Zack finally realizes how out-of-place Drake feels, he, Drake, and Bert decide to all have fun together. Because, of course, two best friends are even better than one!

AJ bought one these books home from library time at school. We discovered how exciting and fun this book was to read. Needless to say we are both hooked. I love listening to AJ read this to me at night.

AJ’s Review:

This book is so cool. Zack’s friend from Earth visits Zack on Nebulon. He forgets about Drake, his friend on Nebulon. He keeps playing and going on rides with Bert and Drake feels sad and left out.

Zack learns he can be friends with both of them. You have to be be friends with everyone. It’s not nice to leave someone out. I know how that feels and it’s not nice.   

Mommy’s Review: 

What fun to read with AJ. I love that there are plenty of books in the series and the fact that’s hes reading a series on his own is wonderful.  Each book is filled with fun adventures and important lessons.  

The first four books AJ read are:

In book #1 We learn how and why Zack and his family go to Nebulon. At first Zack doesn’t want to go, but once there he begins to love his new home.

In book #2 Zack has to deal with a bully on Nebulon, but good guy Zack discovers something scientists need and he gets all the attention the bully wants.

In book #3 Zack’s dad works for an advanced company on Nebulon. He gets to go on a space trip with his dad and the dad’s company to bring back a prehistoric animal that came from another planet.

In book #4 Zack meets what he thinks is a monster, but the monster turns out to be a kid from another planet. Zack understands what it’s like to be new and they all become friends.


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