Respect and Kindness

Respect and Kindness

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My subject is:

How do you feel about the phrase “boys will be boys?”

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What a great prompt!!!!

Uuugggghhhh I think it’s a dual edge sword.

Yes boys will be boys, when they….

  • pee all over the bathroom
  • jump from couch to couch, even after breaking a limb doing this last time
  • they are covered in mud
  • sport holes and grass stains in all their clothes
  • punch it out with friends and then get over their issues and are still friends


Men will be men when they

  • hold open doors for other people
  • treat their wives with respect to show their children what a good spouse does
  • respect others bodies and voices
  • stand up for what’s right instead of folding to peer pressure


Boys will NOT be boys (Men will NOT be men) when they

  • they use their maleness to hurt others
  • they tease and bully
  • hurt other’s feelings because they can
  • don’t take no for an answer
  • beg and whine for just a bit more action
  • say if she’s too drunk to say no, then it’s okay
  • say she really wanted it
  • make excuses for taking what they want
  • expect women to move out of their way on the street
  • think they are helping their wives instead of being equal partners


I am teaching my son to treat everyone equally.

I am teaching my son that a true friend will love you for who you are, not what you can do for them.

I am teaching my son that kindness, generosity, humility, helpfulness, and love are more powerful than money.

I am teaching my son that having faith is important, but actions of those faith are more important.

I am teaching my son that he has final say on his body, no one is allowed to touch him without his permission. This encompasses hugs, kisses, and handshakes. If he understands that, then he will understand that he doesn’t have a right to touch anyone without permission or make them do something they don’t want to do.

I am teaching my son that he does NOT have to agree without other’s opinions, but he can NOT attack, hurt, criticize, or mock them. He can agree to disagree.

I am teaching my son violence is not the answer, but always defend yourself when attacked.

I am teaching my son to be friends with everyone. He is living this, even when a classmate and his parents were cruel to my son, he still treats everyone kindly. To me that is what makes him a great person.

What are you teaching your children?

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Respect and Kindness — 7 Comments

  1. I think that phrase has gotten a lot of bad press, but my reality is that boys are wired differently than girls. We make sure that both genders are valued and respected, but there are some things my boys got into that their sister would have never dreamed of!!

  2. Love it! You’re doing it right <3 I hate what that phrase has come to stand for–an excuse. Sure, there are some things that moms of boys know is just part of raising a boy, but that should never include excuses for bad behavior towards others.

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