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I enjoyed participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday and happy that I am joining in again. 

When we moved into our apartment my mom suggested we buy smaller flatter dishes to fit in our small cabinets. She picked out some dishes and I fought her a bit. I was never into china, what is the point? People come over to celebrate and party with us, the people that truly matter to me would never critique me on my choice of dishes. Besides, I like being different, if you didn’t already know. I am glad I have these different patterns, I like mixing and matching and feel like eating on different plates each day. THANKS MOM for picking them out! She did a great job, didn’t she?

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Favorite Color:
My favorite color is brown, all colors go with brown. You can read about that here. I love the outfit I was wearing, a long blue skirt with a short-sleeve brown shirt. I loved it-summery and comfortable. Before we lost our condo, our walls were painted various shades of dark brown…it was decadent and beautiful.

6-9 favorite colors
Okay, I was gong to use a pic of him that looked like he was praying and that I added sun shine to. Then I took this pic last night while we were at the park and it was perfect. He has a blessed spirit within him. He is gracious and thoughtful for a four year old. He is always using his manners and thanks people from the bottom of his heart. Whether I added the sunflare or not, I know God is shining down on him all the time.

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This is the expression of a doggy who just wants his treat. If I had to guess what he was saying, I think it would be. “GIVE ME THE DARN TREAT ALREADY.”

6-9 expression

I had a hard time finding a pic for this. Either I kept forgetting to take a pic of a messy Dinosaur or he cleaned himself before I could take a picture. I loved the Alaskan cod fillet we made last night, a perfect combo with the breaded shrimp and stuffing with hidden veggies and fruit. LOL What hubby doesn’t know won’t hurt him.  Thankfully it’ll be easy to clean.

6-9 sticky

My Cozy Bed

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.


Mommy says I have too many animals and toys in my bed, but I love sleeping with them. They keep  me safe and I like being all squished in with them. I have Clifford, Duckie, Buckie, Tryone, Pablo, Rexie, Dino, three Doggies, one Bear, Piggy, Crocodile, Woody, Buzz, my cars and my dinosaurs. I think that’s it.

Sure sometimes I lose animals or toys in the middle of the night, but that’s what mommy is for.

What do you like to sleep with? Do your parents try to take them away?




What evil tricks or lies have you told your kids to get them to listen?…then provide your name and address so I can tell your kids what you have done!


Two bloggers gave mommy an idea. Carla said mommy should show more Balboa. Miranda said mommy should let Balboa blog again, so I am sharing my Saturday posts with him now. He used to have a blog before I came along, but he got too busy running away from me. So thanks So here’s my doggie, Balboa.


Finally I get to speak, about time. It’s been years. Dogs always get forgotten about. Sure I do a lot of hiding that darn kid is always roaring in my face and trying to put toys on me.

When I do get a moment to myself, a QUIET moment, I just want to chew on a treat. Hey, could I PLEASE get a treat in this toy, that is what it is for.

Hey wait, did I see something moving. Maybe a leaf got in the house and I need to kill it.