Tonight I made chicken cutlet strips with potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.

I cut thin cut chicken cutlets into halves, then marinated them with olive oil, water, curry, allspice, onion, garlic, and parsley.  After an hour, I placed them in hefty ziploc bag with bread crumbs and crushed french onions and shook them up to coat them. I cooked them in cast iron skillet on each side, then out them in a container until later. 

While chicken was cooking, I marinated potatoes and veggies in left over seasoning. Put them in skillet, cover and place in oven at 300 for 30 minutes. Our oven is an old electric oven and cooks pretty fast

 Hubby was thrilled with the way dinner looked, I thought me might have gone to heaven.
He gave me a clean plate and a two thumbs up. This makes me very proud. 

NO CHEESE Breakfast Wrap

One of my favorite breakfasts is turkey bacon and egg wrap. My dinosaur superhero loves it too. He can eat it, very carefully, on his own. Even dips it in ketchup sometimes.

three eggs
three strips of turkey bacon
olive oil
wrap of your choice

I heat the wrap on the cast iron skillet first then put it on the plate

put a little olive oil in the skillet

Cut the bacon into small pieces and cook in the skillet

Once bacon is cooked, add the eggs

I don’t have time to scramble, I just crack them in and mix them as I cook.(Hubby hates when I do that, lol)

Place bacon and eggs on wrap and fold up two ends,then roll the up the tortilla on the other sides. This ensures food doesn’t fall out as you eat it.

You don’t need cheese to keep the eggs and bacon in the wrap. As long as you wrap it correctly, it all stays put.

Mango Pancakes with Banana Syrup

YES, mango pancakes!

I cut the mango into tiny cubes and mixed them well into the regular batter. They smelled so good when cooking and YES on one of my cast iron skillets. I swear I love the way they cook food.

Then I mashed a banana into a bowl and added syrup. Yes, that simple. I poured it all over son’s pancakes and he ate them up.

I even froze the leftovers for him to have a daycare one morning.

Pork Nuggets and Carrots

Son loves food that he can hold and has a kick to it. I also wnat him to eat healthy.
As with all my recipes, I don’t follow directions too well AND don’t give good directions, I remember it all in my head and make it up as I go along. I see a pic and try to figure it out. I SUCK AT BAKING THOUGH, LOL

One pork cutlet
olive oil
french fried french onions
bread crumbs
minced garlic, curry, all spice
fresh baby carrots

Cast Iron Skillet

cut raw pork cutlet into strips

Marinate in eggs and seasonings

Coat in breadcrumbs and crushed french onions

Cook pork strips in skillet on stove top, only a few minutes on each side. they are thin and will cook fast, you don’t want to dry thenmout.

Remove when cooked and place on paper towel to blot away excess oil.

Place fresh carrots in skillet and sprinkle with seasonings and extra oil.

Cover skillet and put in oven at 300 for twenty minutes.

Carrots will be cooked but still have some crunch to them. You donn’t want them soggy.

*We have an electric stove, which cooks quite fast. Before we moved, our gas stove took a long time to cook. 

**This was a fast and easy meal to cook. This was just for son and I, hubby REFUSES to eat pork cutlets, but I do love them. 

Mommy’s awesome sauce and meatballs

Hubby and son love this, as Italian men they can’t NOT eat pasta, sauce and meatballs.
As with all my recipes, I don’t follow directions too well. I like to make it up as I go along. I find that makes my dinners rock. 

Jar sauce
1/2 cup water
frozen meatballs
oregano, chives, parsley, diced garlic and onions
two sausage links, with skin removed.
Cast Iron Skillet

Cook sausage and break up into small pieces in cast iron skillet on stove top.

Once sausage is 3/4 cooked, shut off stove top

Add sauce, water, seasonsings, meatballs to skillett

Put top on and place in oven at 300 degrees for half hour

*we have an electric stove, which cooks quite fast. Before we moved, our gas stove took a long time to cook. 

**Yes, they are frozen meatballs and jarred sauce. No I do not cook from scratch. If you are one of those moms that can do that, then good for you. I don’t try to be someone I’m not or try things that I know aren’t for me. My son thinks I’m super mom and that is good enough for me.