Organizng Dinosaur’s Room

Before I show you Dinosaur’s room, I’d love to show off your cleaning schedules every Thursday. Do you have one? Want to get inspired?

This schedule was made by Cassie over at Momity, I love how she added “relax” to her schedule-that is quite important. Every cleaning schedule is wonderful and fits that mom and her needs. It can be a simple weekly one or a detailed daily, weekly and monthly one. For more cleaning schedules checkout my other organization posts. You can also check out my cleaning schedule along my sidebar, I cross off each item as I complete it.

I’m a day behind on my cleaning schedule, but that just means life happens. I don’t claim to be a cleaning guru, my mother can attest to that. The main goals of my cleaning schedule are to make sure I don’t go crazy on the weekend and EVERYTHING gets cleaned and not forgotten about. I WILL get to things eventually…but always know time with family comes FIRST…no matter what. My son will not remember my cleaning schedule or how clean the kitchen floor was, he WILL remember how I twirled him around outside, roared while I played dinosaurs, and how much fun we had playing hide and seek in our home.


Now onto Dinosaur’s room.

Well, I love how the closet it set up, I have space for two types of shelves in there. We had to put the crib in front of the left door, but it moves easily enough if we need to open that door. I tried to organizable it based on need. The metal racks holds toys that I rotate and our out of season items. The bookshelf holds clothes that are out of season but he still wears, like that pile of shorts hidden by the chart paper, we could have a sudden hot day. I am not packing them away for another week.  I also keep trucks that I can’t fit in his other organizer shown below, books and shoes hidden in a basket on the bottom shelf. Dinosaur loves being able to go in his closet and get what he needs. I hang in season clothes on hangers, as well as, outerwear. On the shelves above the hangers are TONS of diapers and wipes and the pieces that change his crib into a day bed.

The toy organizer labels have changed as Dinosaur has gown and outgrew toys. I used hubby’s label machine to label the bins for hubby or anyone else helping Dino clean up. I have had to help Dino find a toy that was put in the wrong bin ONE TOO MANY TIMES. I also printed off a large picture of each type of toy and taped it to the inside of the bin. I want Dinosaur to know where his toys go when it’s time to clean up. He is really good about this and will tell you if a toy is NOT in the right place. Some bins are blank as we have miscellaneous items that may change too quickly. As long as his dinosaurs, trees and rocks, big and small cars, Disney Cars, and robots have a home he is good.

not sure if you can see the big robot picture taped to the bottom of the bin

His dresser also has both labels…for Dino and others. I want him to start picking out his clothes and putting them away. He has a drawer for socks, underwear and undershirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, long sleeve shirts and pants, pajamas and diapers-which I have NOT labeled yet. He is pretty good about putting away his clothes. I only keep a few pants and shirts in that one drawer and the rest I keep in the closet. I will rotate them so he doesn’t wear out just a few. Of course his church clothes always hang in the closet…I can’t have him stain them up by wearing them everyday.

have to peel the old label off the handle, but that tape is on there really good

This is actually MY dresser from when I was a teenager. My parents and in-laws offered to buy him a new furniture set, but I refused. What is wrong with using my STILL IN FAIRLY GOOD CONDITION dresser? He is only three years old, he does NOT need new furniture or a desk until middle school/teen years. He has a great crib that will transition into a day bed, what else does he really need? 

Pierogie Lasagna

After seeing this fabulous dinner, that I now call pierogie lasagna, on There’s Just One Mommy, I had to try it. When I can get a recipe, turn it into a delicious dairy-free one, I’m a happy mom. She has great ideas and wonderful posts, you won’t be disappointed. PLUS now I have another recipe I can add to the list under “ground beef”. A mom should have lots of recipes for different foods, right?

Dairy Free Version:
Two boxes of Mrs T’s Potato and Onion Pierogies
olive oil
raw chopped meat
spice mix
pasta sauce
shredded soy cheese

Layer pierogies on pan
coat with olive oil
crumble raw chopped meat on top
Cover with a jar of your favorite pasta sauce
Sprinkle on soy cheese, or rice cheese if you prefer
bake in the oven at 300 degrees for half and hour

It came out so good, so tasty, so perfect. I made hubby try a bite before he headed off to work and he liked it. I didn’t use all the pierogies, I have three left which I will use for breakfast tomorrow. Perhaps defrost, chop up and make into a cheeseless omelet. Sounds good to me!

Just look at how yummy that looks…I couldn’t wait to eat it.

Dinosaur devoured it! He loved every bite of his lasagna, which made me happy.

I also wanted to share that my son has claimed a shot glass as his personal cup. That is apple juice and water in the cup, just in case you are wondering. It’s the perfect size for him to sip, without gulping too much. I may have to buy some more cheap ones. Whatever works to get them to eat, right?

I also mentioned my spice mix in my list of ingredients. On a recent post The Busy Mom’s Diet did a tutorial on a time saving spice mix and I wanted to slap myself at how simple of an idea that was, I have been adding separate spices to my meals for how many years now? Go check out her other tutorials, you will love them. Anyway, I made my own. Of course I took a picture after I used almost the entire mix. I have to make more, but love the concept. In mine, I added: garlic and onion powder,  curry, all spice, parsley, oregano, chives, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Don’t ask how much of each, I just threw in whatever I felt like, each time the mix will differ. You should know by now I kind of follow recipes and improvise as I go along.

I am doing good with my cleaning schedule. How about you? How behind are you…if at all? Or are you ahead of the game and able to enjoy the clean?

Pay as you go

I was sad to give up my Motorola droid global phone because we didn’t have the money for the monthly bills. I was terrified that I would have to

get a cheap phone similar to the ones from the 1980’s. I know that’s superficial, but I take so many photos and upload them to picasa for my blog. Without that I would be lost.

I went to best buy and was overwhelmed with the choices and was about to buy a phone with simple picture quality. A wonderful sales person came over to me, asked what I wanted and listened to my worries and needs. He explained that the Virgin Mobile pay as you go LG Optimus Elite would be the same exact thing as my the Motorola Droid.

Well it’s not…IT’S BETTER!!!!!!

Yes, BETTER. I was shocked at how a pay as you go phone can be such an amazing smart phone. Sure I had to pay $129.00 for the phone, but it was worth it. It’s my phone, camera, and video recorder in one, so I am really saving money by not buying a separate camera. I get UNLIMITED texts and internet for only $35 a month. YES…$35 a month. I only get 300 minutes to talk, but I rarely talk. It doesn’t have a memory card, but I used the one from my old phone, so that was a money saver.

With Verizon, I was a customer for thirteen years, but they would not offer any better deals and raised prices. I was paying about $100  month, isn’t that crazy? I will have to pay a cancellation fee…but in the long run paying only $35 a month saves us tons of money for other bills and groceries. I will NEVER get a contract phone again. Wonder if I can talk through skype on my phone?

Now…why is this phone better? Well, the camera is easier to operate and takes better quality pics, I can delete one or numerous photos from my phone at the SAME TIME. I can also share NUMEROUS photos at the same time. Connecting to wireless and back to 3G is easier with my  is quicker and simple.

I am so hooked and wished I had listed to my hubby sooner.


I now added my cleaning schedule to my sidebar, I will cross out the items I have completed. When a new month starts, I will delete the “strike through” and start over. What do you think of my new layout?


Dinosaur posing with his dinosaurs in his church outfit.

I love my church for a many reasons,

They consider children part of the community and want them attending mass. There are no family rooms for noisy children. The priests welcome children at mass.

Now that Dinosaur is older he loves shaking everyone’s hands and says “peace you”, he really brings me so much joy. Today he enjoyed shaking another little boy’s hand.

I love how he moves and hums to the music, he can feel it in his body and soul and that makes me happy.

The priests’ sermons are relateable to real life. They don’t talk AT us, they talk to us and connect the scriptures to our lives.

We attend service at the hall in the school. It is easier for Dinosaur to move around and kneel down to read a book or play with his cars. He’s not old enough to sit still through the mass yet.

Today’s sermon was about miracles and once again it was related to our lives. The priest spoke about the movie “Moonstruck” and how Cher’s character says it’s modern times and there aren’t any miracles. The priest eloquently connected that to the Gospel, showing us all the miracles there are if we choose to see them. My son is a miracle. Every day he wakes up, even though too early, I still wake up as a mom with a wonderful son. What miracles have you seen?

when Dinosaur was only two weeks old and
still not even five pounds



I changed the look of my blog, I love change and just wanted it to reflect what I was feeling.

I changed my cleaning schedule ONCE AGAIN. I moved it to the sidebar and checked off what I have done.  What do you think?

I used to post products or activities that I love on Sunday, but now I am going to post what we love about Sundays, happenings at church, and what we learned.

Training Mommy

It’s hard being a Dinosaur, Mommy thinks it’s all fun and games for me, but it’s hard work. I have to be crazy sometimes to keep her on her toes. Though sometimes I give her a break, like the other night I sat nicely on the couch with Balboa. I fed him some of my goldfish and mommy rubbed my head and pet Balboa. Of course I have to reward her for good behavior, how will she learn if I don’t?

I have to make a mess around the house. Mommy openly admits she hates exercising, so I am doing this to help her. By making her move around and find hidden toys, pick up pillows, recover the couches, clean up spills and crumbs it gets her moving and almost like exercise. I think she should be thankful I care so much about her health, right?

She thinks that by bringing me to the mall play area is a work out for me. Little does she know it’s for her. I have to make her walk around and keep her quick mommy ninja skills in working order. The little guy in the white T-shirt told me his mom keeps getting up to make him go down the slide. So far she came over eleven times, mommies are so easily tricked.

Then I climb up the slide and make mommy nervous because I pretend to fall down. I love seeing the panic on her face. She cracks me up. The little girl behind me keeps falling to see how many times her mommy will get up, so far it has been fifteen times.

When mommy relaxes and enjoys watching me play, I reward her with my “Silly Dinosaur Dance“.

Check to see if mommy is keeping up with her cleaning schedule

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Graceful, pumpkins and tattoos

Five Minute Friday: GRACEFUL

Five Minute Friday

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.

3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community..

I struggled with this topic, I don’t see myself as graceful. Growing up I felt anything but graceful. I was the odd one out at school, the one that was picked on daily, the unpopular and weird girl. I believed their hurtful words and actions, and was never comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to believe in my mother’s words that when I grew up and it wouldn’t matter.

Can I really be graceful when I am wearing food and boogie stained clothes? Chasing after a screaming dinosaur holding a permanent marker? Cleaning marker stains off a wall? Picking up endless dinosaurs and cars? As I clean squished chicken from my son’s hands? As I take a deep breath to answer the hundredth “why” question for the day? As I struggle and sweat to keep son entertained while I shop for groceries?

But then I take a deep breath again and realize that my son looks at me and see me as his graceful, loving mommy. I am wondrous in his eyes and all his. I am his world and none of that matters, as long as I love him.

I want him to be the student who reaches out his hand to a class being bullied by others. I want him to thankful for all he has and not worry about what he doesn’t have. I want him to be the person who doesn’t classify people into categories, but just sees a person like himself.

It all starts with me and how I speak to hubby. How I react to hubby when he is upset or disappointed. How I react to son when he refuses to nap and mommy is exhausted. How I react when everything seems to be going wrong. How I react when I am stuck in traffic or am cut off by another driver. My son is watching and my actions and words need to reflect the graceful mother that he sees. My actions and words need to reflect the graceful person
I WANT him to be.

1. What is your favorite fall family tradition? hmmm that would be hubby, son and I walking along main street in our town to pick a pumpkin. Seems rather simple, but waking among those families reminds me just how we are to have our son.

2. If money weren’t an issue, how many kids would you have? oh boy, this is a tough for me. Before our infertility and financial issues I wanted two or three kids. BUT, I just accepted that Dinosaur is an only child and I am VERY HAPPY with our family. 

3. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and where would you put it? I’d love a lily on my hip, or Anthony’s name near my heart, or maybe a cute Dinosaur near my heart.

4. What condiment is a must in your house? Hubby would say spicy mustard for his hotdogs. I would say bbq sauce, because you can put that on almost anything. 

5. How did your spouse/fiance propose? LOL, We were pretty young and it was SO long ago. He taped the ring to the inside roof of his car and kept pointing up. I thought it was a spider and was afraid to look. Took me a few minutes to look up I thought he was trying to scare me. I was pretty shocked when I saw the ring. I knew the proposal was coming, just didn’t know when. This was perfect, because it was just him being him. If he actually got on his knee I would have probably laughed in his face, that’s just not us.

Want to see if I am maintaining my My Cleaning Schedule?...Am I caught up? Or have I been lazy? Still looking to see how I can put it in my sidebar without doing a plug-in.
What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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Cheap Organization

Living in a small space forces you to get organized. One way I did this was by creating my Home Central Binder with the help of Simplify 101.All you do is sign up and get all the details you need for getting organized in a binder. I have the following sections; activities, daycare, Anthony, Karen, Tony, Restaurants, entertainment, upcoming events, addresses, emergency, insurance, miscellaneous, holidays, cool ideas, birthdays. I try to put things in there immediately, but sometimes I forget. I still need to update my emergency section and upcoming events.

Then created my own personal organizer. Firstly, because I needed to get rid of my smart phone and the wonderful calendar in it. Second, the ones in stores are too expensive and I don’t want to pay for refills.

So I came up with this sheet. I keep one on our bulletin board and one in my personal binder. I use this sheet weekly house schedule

to organize each week with our family. It’s a chore to get hubby to remember to fill it out. When he does it makes life easy all around. I need know dates in advance, so I made this 2012_yearly_calendar_sep_1-1FOR BLOG  with Microsoft word templates. I also love the free printables form from Organized Home They are great to print out or give me ideas to make my own forms.

How do you keep organized? What organizing websites do you LOVE?


From now on to save on post space I added my cleaning schedule to a page, you will see what I have done and what I am terribly behind in.

Dinosaur Mommy’s Cleaning Schedule

What’s your cleaning agenda today?


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Favorite Shows and BACKPACK GIVEAWAY

I don’t let Dinosaur sit in front of the TV all day, but he has his favorite shows that he watches over and over again. Some I LOVE,
some I like and some I think are WASTES OF TIME. Sometimes I put on the shows I can’t stand just to be able to do computer work
or make meals.
Little Bill
because they are a loving family with friends from all walks of life. Little Bill is NOT whiny, just a typical kid that Dinosaur can relate to. Everyone is different and that is normal. They all love each other and are respectful and kind. There is a spiritual foundation to the show as well, that I am grateful for.
Dinosaur likes because Little Bill is just like him, a happy kid with a loving family and lots of friends.
Little Bear:
because he is an only child, like Dinosaur, and has lots of different friends and loving grandparents. Everyone is different and that is normal. They all love each other and are respectful and kind. It is okay to not to have a large family and being an only kid is perfectly normal for their family.
Dinosaur likes because Little Bear is a happy guy, who loves his friends and family, and uses his imagination.
Dora the Explorer:
Mommy likes
because Dora is interactive and gets Dinosaur to use his thinking skills.
Dinosaur likes because Dora always needs his help and thanks him for helping
Mike the Knight:
Mommy DOES NOT like
because Mike is selfish and soiled, he never learns from his mistakes or listens to his friends.
Dinosaur likes because Mike IS a knight and has knightly adventures
Wow Wow Wubzy:
Mommy DOES NOT Like
because while they do share and show friendship, it’s MINDLESS waste of time.

Dinosaur likes because it’s funny, noisy, and fast moving
Mommy DOES NOT Like because he is whiny and soiled child that is so self-centered
Dinosaur likes because it’s bright and funny
 Max and Ruby:|
Mommy DOES NOT Like because there are no guardians living with them, Ruby is too bossy and Max needs adult supervision
Dinosaur likes it’s funny and bright, and Max is always right.
What shows do your kid(s) watch, if any? Do you like them? Or do you want to throw your shoe at the TV like I do?

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Fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Today is Part 2 of Dinosaur and his Grandparents.Yesterday I posted about Dinosaur’s adventures with my parents.

Hubby’s parents, Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa Tony came up for the day and we had a nice bbq for lunch and pasta for dinner. But, Dinosaur was really testing his limits today, talking back to me and not following rules he knows he HAS to follow. I am sure he was thrilled to see his “Ganma” and “Ganpa”, but Mommy is in charge, NOT Dinosaur.

Grandma Lorraine pushing Dinosaur on his bike

Dinosaur showing off his cool (but) cheap toy from Walmart.

Like many of you have mentioned about your hubby’s, my hubby does not read my blog. He says he does not have the time and is convinced that I bad-mouth him. Little does he know that’s what twitter is for, LOL. In all seriousness, I wish he would show a little interest in my blog or not belittle my writing. Of course, he was probably mad at me for nagging him today. He FINALLY sprayed a bees nest right at the corner of our basement door, which is in the ground. But…he sprayed it during the day and the bees were on a war path, making it impossible to enjoy lunch and dinner outside.I try to be a nice and understanding wife, but he makes it so hard when he doesn’t listen and does this without thinking. How do all of you deal with hubby’s that don’t listen, do it their way, then mess things up?

Hubby singing silly songs about me to make me mad, GRRRRRR

Dinosaur with his Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa Tony.

While Dinosaur is NOT their first grandchild or grandson, he is loved deeply and very much wanted. Dinosaur has two older male cousins and a younger female cousin. Tony and Lorraine were over-joyed when we told them we were pregnant, it was a celebration a long time coming. Dinosaur sure has made up for the long wait with his energy and personality.

 Being only three yeas old he is having a hard time understanding that daddy and Grandpa Tony are also Anthony’s. He calls them silly and says daddy is “daddy” and Grandpa Tony is “Ganda”

Dinosaur eating with Grandma, but making her a little nervous. Dinosaur has proved at an early age to take HUGE DINOSAUR BITES and be just fine. Grandma gets nervous with his monstrous bites. Sure I have had a few scares, which have turned out just fine, but he’s a dinosaur and dinosaur’s take BIG
bites of food.

Balboa waiting for food, because we don’t feed him (I’m being sarcastic, he’s holding out for human food. He is so spoiled.) He was our baby when I didn’t think I would ever become a mommy. Balboa has a special place in my heart and always will.

run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
clean bathroom
clean windows and blinds
check batteries in fire alarms (from Sunday)
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 
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She’s NOT Fooling Me

I finally get on my mommy’s laptop, she hogs it all the time. Can
someone tell HER to share, please?

So mommy blogged about this stupid schedule she wants to do with me, well…I don’t like this one bit. Now she has gone crazy. She actually got off the computer and started writing on colorful papers, as if that would make it better. She is NOT fooling me. Can you see some of these ridiculous activities?

Then she added “store” and “go on a trip”.

Then this is what I see one afternoon

and one morning

CHORES???? Reading and Writing???? Are the colors supposed to make it fun? I want TV time and free play ALL THE TIME!!!!! Then she started putting Velcro on them and stuck them to a folder. I really need help here guys.

I found out the vegetable police don’t exist, but there has to be a schedule police, right? Can someone get me their number, this is an urgent matter.

I also want to add that adults are crazy around me and not very smart. LaLa and PopPop bought me a used bike with training wheels, a helmet, knee pads, and gloves and think they don’t have to push me around. Am I suddenly going to pedal a bike on my own?

Then LaLa and PopPop took me out one day (when mommy was sick) and realized they could bring me to Aunt Janet and Uncle Phil’s house where there is a pool. Why did it take them all summer to realize they could do this? Do you know how many wasted weekends we have had? Why do adults claim to be smart but don’t think? Mommy didn’t ask if she could put these pics up of Aunt Janet or LaLa, but you never know what is going to end up on mommy’s blog, right? Plus, it’s my post and I say they go up and Dinosaur is always RIGHT!  ROOOOAAAAAR

run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
clean door knobs and light switches (vacuum living areas from yesterday)
charge car generator
What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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