Tiny Bathroom UPDATE

Last week I posted about our tiny bathroom and asked for some ideas, and I got great ones. My mom found a four pocket organizer for the door, which works perfectly. I use it to store all my personal products, makeup and hair accessories.  

I ripped off the sink skirt, it was being pulled by Dinosaur’s feet each time he washed his hands. Instead I used a big basket to store all my hand towels and washcloths. I put it on top of a metal shelf so the basket doesn’t get wet in case of a flood and to keep my hairdryer under the basket. Even with a messy hubby and Dinosaur the towels don’t get wet, which makes me happy. Cool right? I’m a genius.

Then I gave hubby the space above our only cabinet, over our toilet. He has two fabric boxes to store all his razors, and other manly items that are an eye sore for the bathroom, LOL

Across from the toilet is a shelf my father put up. It holds decorative washcloths, air freshener, and disinfectant wipes. The decorative hand towels are right below it. I wanted to get a picture of my shower liner with the pockets, but it was hard to get a good picture in such a small space.

Our body towels have always been in the two lower drawers of this wicker basket. The top draw was for the wash cloths and towels, but now hides all of Balboa’s leashes, extra toys and accessories. The top two shelves are our “junk drawer” of sorts. Since we don’t have space in the kitchen, this seemed like the best spot. We do have a cordless phone, but need this phone if we lose power; we still have a land line. The basket does cut into the doorway of our bedroom, but now we are used to that. The shiny object in both photos is just Balboa’s reflective collar, glad to know it works, LOL.

(see Mom…three days later and it’s still looking great!)

What do you all think? Did I do a good job? What would you have done differently?



run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur

dust all furniture

declutter and organize

What’s your cleaning agenda today?
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Mommy’s Meatballs and Apple Crisp

So after my dealings with the rancid meat and smelly pizza dough, I had to purchase them again. After that set back, I was able to make meatballs with pasta and sauce, (I make my own meatballs now, for financial and health reasons) and meatball pizza pockets, meatball sandwiches.

ground beef
diced zucchini
diced onions
diced garlic
1 egg
milk (I used almond milk)
bread crumbs

Mix together and make into small meatballs. I place them in my cast iron skillet and then cook at 300 degrees for twenty minutes. Once my electric oven is heated up, the food cooks VERY fast, I learned this lesson after a meal was over-cooked. Then place meatballs in sauce and simmer for about ten minutes, to allow sauce to soak into meatballs.

With all the extra meatballs, I was able to make meatball and broccoli pizza pockets (original recipe here) . This time I made the pizza pockets and used pancake mix instead of flour. I’ve been calling them calzones, old habits die hard. We also had lots of meatball sandwiches. I even used some meatballs for my omelets with salsa. Sound gross? Hey, got to use every last bit of food, right?

Quick apple crisp

1 apple, cut into slices
dry pancake mix, mixed with butter (I used non-dairy butter)
cinnamon or other spices of your choice

mix all together and place in cast iron skillet at 250 degrees for twenty minutes, they still have a little crunch. Then top with your favorite ice cream. I used Trader Joe’s chocolate cherry soy ice cream.



run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur

clean bathroom

clean fridge and microwave (hate doing this)

What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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Out with the Girls

While I was given permission to use my sister and friends’ photos, I decided not to and focus on the places we went and food we ate. I only want to post pics if we can ALL be in them.photo taken from: http://thewinewench.com/tag/drinking-wine-reduces-weight-gain/
Had a great night out with my friend, Cathy, and sister, Janet, last Saturday. I live in CT, so I went out closer to where they live and slept over my sister’s house. I needed a break and as I found out Dinosaur did a great job with his daddy. I may have to go out more often.So, we started our girl’s night adventure at Double O’s in Wappinger Fall’s NY. I have never been there before and truly wish there was one in my town. The food was beyond amazing, it was presented in such a gorgeous manner and the taste was out of this world. Just look at what we ate.

My sister, who is really doesn’t care what people think about her. which can be scary at times, but I love her for it. She is intelligent and fierce, but loves her family. You know how sisters are, we may fight, we may get angry at each other, the but we will always love each other. She got the Barbecue Ranch Chicken Salad

Cathy, who started out as a co-worker, has become a dear friend,I can tell her anything and she will totally understand. We have sent each other crazy texts and wild photos. She knows more about my wild and dark side than anyone. She has always been there for me and I can’t express how much that means to me.  I love how honest she is and will always tell  me the truth. She had the Grilled Chicken Tostado Salad.

I had the Benny’s Maui Salad without the nuts…can we say…YUMMY.

After our belly’s were filled we took a drive over to Paula’s Wine Bar.

Again, I have never been there, but was impressed with the design and atmosphere.The bartender was so funny and knowledgeable.The appetizers were PERFECT. Now, being allergic to dairy, I LOVE when a restaurant provides olive oil to dip your bread in. Paula’s not only provided the olive oil, it was decadent and tasty. I wished I lived closer. I may have to just visit my sister so I can go to Paula’s wine bar again.

We sat outside and talked about life, our husbands’, the economy and other sorted topics that will REMAIN secret to only us. Yeah, it was a fabulous night.


Then just this Friday I went out with my other friend who lives in my town. Actually we met when she and her fiancé moved in right next to us. LITERALLY.  We hit it off and have been friends ever since. We don’t get to see each other too often, even though we live two blocks away from each other.

With Kit I can be a completely silly and wild and she will join right in, that’s what makes a good friend. I don’t have to control my thoughts or worry I might offend or embarrasses her. We wind up laughing so hard our stomach’s ache.  Even though I was starting to feel ill on Friday, I did not want to cancel, I need my girl night outs whenever I can get them.

We started off our night at Sesame Seed in Danbury, CT.  It was a beautifully decorated place, very cozy and inviting. The best part they have a Mediterranean menu, which meant most of their food was dairy-free. I hope they are still around when Dinosaur is older, he would love to eat there; if his tastes don’t change. They are NOT a family restaurant.

The appetizer of tabuli was out of this world.

I got the Maui Maui Marengo

Kit got the Cajun Maui Mau

Then we headed off to the Golf Quest for some mini golf at night, also located in Danbury CT. I took some crazy pics and those will be for our eyes only, we sure will get a lot of laughs as look back on those. Dinosaur was NOT good for hubby this time, which makes me very sad. He cried for over an hour till he fell asleep in his daddy’s arms.

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
plan shopping list, wipe down bathroom
wipe down fans and light fixtures
What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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Tiny Bathroom and Cleaning Schedules

We  have tiny bathroom, it goes without saying when you have a 950 sq foot apartment. Needless, to say I love our cozy little place. While it is small, there is less chance of collecting useless clutter

The hand and show towels are behind the door on the left. You can see the sink skirt on the right.

View from the tub.

We originally hung towels over the door, but they didn’t get enough air and got smelly. I am going to buy an over the door clear plastic shoe rack for storage. Any suggestions what I should put in there? I don’t want it to look too messy or cluttered.
We already have a pocket shower liner, where we keep Dinosaur’s toys, gels, soaps, razors, and hair products.

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Go Away Mommy

That’s what I have been hearing lately while Dinosaur plays. My first reaction is one of heartbreak, how could he want me to go away? Then I remind him that he does not talk to mommy that way. He can ask mommy nicely to let him play alone. 

Sometimes he plays with his cars on the table, occasionally standing up to discipline them for not behaving or sharing. Other times he makes them take time outs (obviously replaying what he hears often at home and day care)

Other times he wants me to sit with him in his room and watch him play. I am not allowed to touch any of his toys, I might mess up his game.

How he can understand what is going on in this mess is a wonder to me. 

 Other times he rather “help” daddy outside in the garage making sure his umpire equipment still fits
Or making sure Daddy’s car works properly
 Or adding a few well-placed scratches

Most of the time he is hard at working doing something naughty, like drawing on the rug with chalk. The worst part, he tells me to come in his room and see what he did, all proud of his destruction. I really hope he uses this power for good in the future.

How do you handle your kids telling you to leave you alone?
Or are they in the crawling all over you stage?  
Have your kids done any damage lately that they are proud of? 

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
vacuum bedrooms
clean baseboards in living areas
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 


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