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With me returning back to work full time, I am stumped on how to find the time to shop for make a shopping list, shop for groceries, and make healthy meals every night. I used Peapod MANY years ago and am thinking this might be a good time to start up again. With Peapod I can…


  • Use coupons and have them taken off the next order
  • Coupons get doubled up to 99c
  • Add my items right to the site and that’s my shopping list.
  • If I have it delivered on Wednesday, I can get $5 off the $10 delivery fee
  • I don’t have to leave the house…food is brought right to my door and I can put it away with ease.

Yes, you pay for convenience, but I think in order to be organized you have to make priorities. Between working full time, planning lessons and writing reports at home for work, blogging, crocheting, cleaning and organizing, and being a wife and mom…I just don’t have time to go to a grocery store. Is paying a few more dollars to do one less thing worth the price? YES, to me it is.


COUPONS: I used to have a big red binder full of coupons, run around to various stores to spend as little as possible on everything…again, it’s about priorities. Now I just keep them in a small photo album by categories. It’s easier to get them out and see which have expired and easier to drop them into the correct category.

So what do you all use for making lists and shopping? Do you go to the stores or shop online? How do you organize your coupons? 



Mandy posted about how she organizes her recipes and sets up a monthly menu. You can see that here. She has a great technology-free system, which looks pretty organized. A whole month of menus…that’s darn amazing and something I wish I could do…but would fail miserably.

Go over and check out her system…might inspire you to rework your menus.


NEXT WEEK I will be talking about organizing your clothes. Do you prepare your clothes the night before or the week before? Or do you get your outfit ready as you get dressed?

Future topics include

How do you organize your purse/pocket book/totes?

Do you follow a cleaning system? Create your own?

What organization products could you NEVER live without?

How do you organize your kid(s) toys?

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Giveaway: Soyummi Product

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Because this is NOT a self hosted blog, the Rafflecopter won’t show up on the blog, but I can link to it. So go enter

SOYUMMI giveaway

Monday – Mommy’s Savings

Guess how much I paid for all this?

I only paid $0.43. Yes! FORTY-THREE CENTS!!! I added a copy of the coupon below if you don’t believe me.

I had bought Huggies pull ups at Rite Aide two weeks ago and each package got me $5 in up rewards. I saved it for when I needed something else.

$2.22 Kellogs Raisin Bran
$2.22 Kellogs Raisin Bran cinnamon almond
$2.99 M&M cookies
$1.00 Honey Nut Cheerios single cup
$1.00 Honey Nut Cheerios single cup
$1.00 Special K single cup
MINUS $10.00 in coupons
TOTAL = $0.43

Now if I had planned ahead I could have brought coupons for the items I bought and and got even more products for a low price.

Go to Hip2Save for great store lists and coupons, the site tells you just how to save money and gets tons of groceries for extraordinarily low prices. 

Coupon Crazy – Nasty Cashier

I am coupon crazy and try to save money any way I can, especially now being laid off.

I always buy the meat that is on special with a coupon attached to it. Today I went to my local supermarket I won’t say their name since I have had other problems with their products and don’t want to give them any press at all. I bought a pack of thin pork cutlets for 3.76 with a $1 coupon and a pack of skillet steak for 4.78 with a $2 coupon.

 The cashier scanned the $1 twice! 

I very politely said, “You scanned the $1 twice by accident.”

She shook her head. “No, they were both $1.”

I took a breath and try to remain calm. “No, One was $2. That is the reason I got the meat.”

She got snippy with me. “Well, I’ll check, but I know they are both $1.”
Meanwhile the line of people behind me are huffing and sighing. I laugh and try to calm my building anger down. 

She puts all the coupons I gave her down on the belt (which are a lot) and huffs and begins looking through them. Low and behold there are the two meat coupons one for a $1 and one for $2. 

Very proudly I say, “See I told you and you thought I was lying.” 

She blushes and scans the $2 coupons and leaves on the $1 she scanned twice. A sorry would have been nice, but I guess her embarrassment was enough for me. I turn to look at the woman behind me and stare her down then say. “I think it was worth waiting for two dollars. If it was you would have waited too.”    
You must always stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself. I try to model for my son how to be an assertive person who doesn’t let others hurt her. I show him how to speak his mind while being respectful. We always show respect, especially towards ourselves.

ANYWAY…with this meat I can make two meals with packet for my son and I when hubby works at night. Or this is a perfect portion for all of us for dinner. We don’t need left overs. Besides we have dessert after dinner and before bed. that’s what the $1 cookies or my banana muffins are for.

Have any of you ever had coupon drama?